Regions and getting the right shed for your location.

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Your region…….This is especially important to know when buying a shed kit via the internet or from a dealer not located in the district you are planning to build the shed .

The region you build your shed refers to where geographically will you build it. Eg Grafton NSW, Box Hill VIC, Bundaberg QLD, all these locations are in different regions and as such have different windspeed requirements to be considered.
The location is very important to the seller as they need to consider the wind speeds your building might encounter. Make sure that the seller knows where your building.
Australia is basically broken up into 4 regions. Region A, B, C or D
based on the maximum wind speed expected during peak storm activity.
The region associated with a particular building locality can be found from:

  • The local Council for the area you intend to build in.
  • A structural engineer, building surveyor or certifier.

The following map shows the approximate location of the region boundaries.
It should be taken only as a guide and you should verify the region by one of the above methods and ensure the shed being offered to you is suitable for your region.

So make sure , if your living in Sydney and you want to buy a shed for your weekender block on the Northern NSW coast that you get a shed suitable for that region (site address) and not for your Sydney suburban back yard.