Quality Control Checklist for Your Newly Built Shed

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Building a shed is a substantial undertaking, and once the construction crew has completed the project, it’s crucial to perform a comprehensive quality control check. This ensures that your shed not only meets your expectations but also stands the test of time. In this blog post, we will delve into the construction aspects you should thoroughly inspect during and after your shed build.

1. Foundation and Leveling

Check for cracks or settling in the foundation, which could indicate future structural issues. This should be checked and monitored whilst the groundworks are completed and the slab is poured as rectification after the slab has set will be extremely difficult.

foundation and leveling

2. Framing and Structure:

  • Examine the framing for any signs of warping, bending, or misalignment BEFORE the wall cladding is installed so any issues can be rectified.
  • Ensure that the walls are straight, and there is no bowing or leaning.
  • Check the roof battens for proper alignment and spacing.

3. Roofing and Sheeting

  • Inspect the roofing sheets for uniformity, proper installation, and no visible damage.
  • Check for any loose tek screws, and make sure they are properly fastened.
  • Examine the sheeting for any gaps or damage that might compromise the roof’s integrity or allow water to enter your shed
wall sheeting and exterior finish

4. Wall sheeting and Exterior Finish

  • Inspect the wall sheets for proper installation and alignment.
  • Look for any gaps, cracks, or areas where moisture could penetrate.
  • Ensure that all exterior trim, fascia, barge caps and flashings are secure and well-finished.

5. Doors and Windows

  • Test all doors and windows for smooth operation. They should open and close without sticking.
  • Check for proper sealing and weatherproofing to prevent drafts and moisture infiltration.
  • Ensure that locks and latches are secure and functional.

6. Vermin proofing

  • Check that all vermin proofing products are well made and installed correctly to minimise the possibility of vermin entering your shed.
  • Identify any areas that may not have vermin proofing solutions installed and address them.
buy vermin proof seal online rural retroseal steel flashing

7. Electrical and Plumbing (if applicable):

  • If your shed is equipped with electrical wiring or plumbing, ensure that all connections comply with local codes and are properly insulated.
  • Test all electrical outlets, switches, and mounting plates for functionality and safety.

8. Fire and Ember proofing:

  • Ensure any gaps around your shed including the eaves, ridge, gable ends walls and slab meet the required BAL rating for your area.

9. Structural Integrity:

  • Re-check the entire shed for structural stability. Pay close attention to corners, joints, and load-bearing elements.
  • Look for any signs of settling or shifting that may have occurred during construction.
Structural Integrity

10. Quality of Workmanship

  • Evaluate the overall quality of workmanship, including the cleanliness of the site and the attention to detail.
  • Address any visible defects or imperfections in the construction.

11. Clean Up

Ensure during the final inspection that the site is cleaned up, any excess materials not required have been removed and that the shed itself has been cleaned up. Swarf from screws has been cleaned up and is not left gathering on metal work where it may rust. The roof should also be swept clean to prevent any swarf causing rust.


12. Documentation and Warranty:

  • Keep all documentation related to the construction, including permits, plans, and warranties.
  • Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the warranty terms and conditions.

By following this quality control checklist for your newly built shed, you can identify any potential issues and address them promptly. This proactive approach will not only ensure the durability and safety of your shed but also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your investment was well-built and properly inspected. Regular maintenance and upkeep will further extend the life of your shed and protect your valuable belongings stored within.