Put Your Shed to Work: 20 Side Hustles You Can Make Some Money With!

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In the pursuit of financial stability and the need to have an investment like that of a steel shed, many individuals are now exploring diverse avenues to generate supplemental income. If you have a passion for arts, crafts, mechanics, or repairs, there are numerous opportunities to turn your skills and hobbies into a lucrative side hustle. Let’s delve into 20 creative choices across these fields.

1. Customised Art Commissions:

Maybe you’re a creative artist, and you can take your hobby to the next level. You can offer personalised artwork tailored to individual preferences. This can include intricately designed portraits capturing unique features, vibrant abstract pieces that evoke specific emotions, or custom illustrations that tell a personal story. Clients appreciate the exclusivity of owning art that reflects their distinct tastes and experiences. Put your shed or garage studio to use and sell your art.

ART word done in a wood cutout.

2. DIY Craft Kits:

Create and sell DIY craft kits, providing customers with all the materials and instructions needed to complete a creative project at home. These kits serve as engaging and educational experiences, allowing individuals to unleash their artistic side and take pride in crafting something unique with their own hands. You could put some spare space in your shed to use. Bulk buy supplies, pack and sell them from your shed.

DIY Jewelry Making Set

3. Automotive Detailing Services:

Are you particular with the care of your own cars and bikes? Provide meticulous car detailing services, catering to those who want their vehicles to look pristine inside and out like yours. From thorough interior cleaning to exterior polishing and waxing, this service offers convenience and a showroom finish, appealing to car enthusiasts and busy individuals alike. Maximise the return on your steel shed by detailing cars and bikes.

Automotive Detailing

4. Handmade Jewellry Workshops:

Perhaps you have already made improvements to your shed and have some comfortable, clean and vacant space?  Host workshops where participants can create their own jewellery pieces under your guidance, combining education with hands-on experience. These sessions not only teach the art of jewellery making but also foster a sense of accomplishment as individuals craft wearable pieces that reflect their personal style.

Handmade Jewelry Workshop

5. Furniture Upcycling:

Do you like hunting for and renovating furniture and have a shed set up for this hobby. Transform old or discarded furniture into unique, upcycled pieces. Sell your creations online or at local markets. This sustainable approach to furniture design not only reduces waste but also offers buyers one-of-a-kind, environmentally-conscious pieces for their homes. Need tools? You can head to Amazon and have them delivered.

Furniture Upcycling

6. Bicycle Customization:

Why not offer personalised bicycle customization services, ranging from unique paint jobs to custom-built accessories. Cyclists often seek ways to express their individuality through their bikes, and this service allows them to turn their vision into a reality, creating functional and visually appealing two-wheelers. This would be an excellent project that you can start with a new roomy steel shed garage!

Bicycle Customization

7. Vintage Appliance Restoration:

Have an old shed storage that you are no longer using? A little restoration might be a great idea. A little touching up can open up opportunities to restore and refurbish vintage appliances, giving them a modern touch while preserving their classic charm. This niche service appeals to those who appreciate the durability and aesthetic appeal of vintage appliances but desire the functionality of modern technology.

Vintage Appliance Restoration

8. Tech Troubleshooting:

If you have the techie magic touch, and have the extra time and maybe a little extra space in your shed, it’s easy to provide tech troubleshooting services. Imagine assisting individuals with common electronic issues or software glitches and making extar cash on the side. In an increasingly digital world, this service offers a quick and convenient solution for individuals facing technical challenges, ensuring that their devices run smoothly.

Tech Troubleshooting

9. Leather Craft Workshops:

Have little space in your shed and a some excellent leather crafting skills? Share your leather crafting skills by organising workshops where participants can learn to make their own leather goods. These workshops provide an immersive experience, teaching the intricacies of working with leather while enabling participants to create functional and stylish items like wallets, belts, or accessories. You can do this in person inside your shed, or get your computer and camera ready for an online class.

Leather Craft Workshop

10. Electronics Recycling:

Did you know that you can collect and refurbish old electronics for resale or repurpose them into unique gadgets and artistic installations? For this, you might need some wider space in your shed to store the items. This environmentally conscious approach not only reduces electronic waste but also transforms discarded items into functional or decorative pieces, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Electronics Recycling


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11. Handmade Soap and Candle Making:

Heavenly divine scent can be a godsent offer that can grace a newly built shed in the form of a personal business. Dive into the world of aromatherapy by creating handmade soaps and candles, offering a unique and personalised touch. Crafted with care, these items provide individuals with a sensory experience, creating a calming atmosphere in their homes.

Handmade Soap And Candle Making

12. Mechanic Services:

It is a government requirement that all Mechanics have a Motor Vehicle Tradesperson Certificate to work on vehicles. If you’ve got the room and the tools, put your mechanic skills to good use. This could be an opportunity to offer car repair services from your own shed. This service caters to individuals with busy schedules or those facing unexpected car trouble but wants their cars stored in a safe location.

Mobile Mechanic Services

13. Custom Tailoring for Pets:

Pet fashion and accessories is blowing up. As a shed money-making project, why not? Create custom-tailored clothing and accessories for pets, tapping into the growing market of pet fashion. If you have a shed and a sewing machine, it will let you tap into pet owners seeking unique and stylish outfits for their furry friends. You can indulge in your personalised creations that showcase their pets’ personalities and let them shine and embrace their inner fashionista.

Custom Tailoring For Pets

14. Musical Instrument Repairs:

Have you just been using the shed as a band practice space? No doubt, you and some of your pals are great at tuning or perhaps even repairing your instruments. Make extra money by offering repairs and maintenance of Musical Instruments. You can cater to local musicians and music enthusiasts. Ensuring that instruments stay in top condition allows musicians to produce quality sounds and extends the lifespan of their beloved instruments.

Musical Instrument Repairs

15. Sculpture Workshops:

Don’t keep your talent and your shed sculpture space to yourself. Instead, conduct sculpture workshops, teaching participants the art of sculpting with various materials like clay or wire. These workshops foster creativity and self-expression, allowing individuals to explore the three-dimensional world of sculpture and create tangible works of art. Let the extra cash flow in your art!

Sculpture Workshops

16. Antique Clock Restoration:

Are you fascinated by antique clocks and keeping a few in your shed? If you develop expertise in restoring antique clocks, combining craftsmanship with historical preservation, this specialised service appeals to collectors and history enthusiasts who appreciate the intricacies of antique timepieces. Where time is gold, there is gold in antique clock repair!

Man Fixing an Antique Clock

17. Sell DIY Home Repair Guides:

If that shed of yours has been collecting dust and used as an old library, maybe it’s time to let go of the old books and get something turn it into a money making space. Instead, create and sell comprehensive guides for DIY home repairs, offering step-by-step instructions and expert tips.  Empowering homeowners with the knowledge to tackle common household repairs, these guides provide a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their home maintenance skills.

Sample Step-by-Step Guide

18. Quirky Art Installations:

Design and install unique, eye-catching art installations in public spaces or for private events. These installations serve as conversation starters and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of spaces, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. You can assemble some of the pieces inside your shed. Additionally, you can showcase your art and design using your own shed to entice clients.

Quirky Art

19. DIY Sewing Patterns:

Design and sell downloadable sewing patterns, catering to the growing community of home sewists. Enabling individuals to create their own clothing and accessories, these patterns provide a cost-effective and customizable alternative to store-bought items. This is something that you can do inside your shed together with your fellow hobbyist friends or other family members!

Girl Working with Sewing Patterns

20. Shed Airbnb Rental:

Utilise your shed space by transforming it into a cosy, unique Airbnb rental. With a bit of creativity, you can design a comfortable retreat, perhaps a mini-cabin or a garden oasis, offering travellers a distinctive and affordable accommodation option. This not only generates supplemental income but also allows you to meet interesting people from around the world while maximising the use of your property. Check your local council permissions first.

Final Thoughts

With a plethora of options in arts, crafts, mechanics, and repairs, the possibilities to create supplemental income are truly limitless. Choose a path that aligns with your passion, invest time in honing your skills, and embark on a journey that not only boosts your finances but also allows you to express your creativity in diverse and fulfilling ways.

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