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Put one of these in your shed or Garage this year. When it comes to good global value, the Ford Motor Company has finally come down under with its third generation of the Focus.  The new line is a standardized global platform having the same name world wide.  The Focus has been the top selling car in the UK with more than 1.3 million cars sold since 1998 with Ford looking to penetrate Australia likewise with the Focus.  The new Focus offers many new technological and performance enhancements over the second generation.

Different Ranges

The third generation Focus will come in four different packages with the Ambiente being the most economical and the Titanium being the most luxurious.

Ambiente        -There are two petrol hatchback models available either with the 5 speed stick shift and the 6 speed auto. There is also a sedan version which is only available in 6 speed auto.  $21,990-24,240

Trend               -There are five different types in the Trend range two sedans and three hatchbacks.  They come with 16” alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, lumbar support adjustment in the driver seat, and fog lights. All the options come with either a 2.0L petrol or turbo-diesel engine, only the petrol engine comes in 5 speed manual. $24,490-30,500

Sport               -Packaged with 17” alloy rims, a rear spoiler with LED lighting (on the hatchback models), chrome on the exterior trim, A six speaker Sony stereo system with a 4.2” display, dual zone climate control, supportive sport seats that keep you planted in a turn, and automatic headlights and wipers.  Both 2.0L engines are available for this range.  $27,390-33,190

ford focus 2011 review sheds garages carports article 3Titanium          -The crème de la crème of the third generation Focus range, its chock full of technology and style.  Large 18” rims, keyless entry, leather trim and interior are just the surface.  The sophisticated electronics system has automatic control for the driver seat and also features Active Park Assist; this car parallel parks itself with the aid of ultra-sonic sensors and the use of the onboard computer to control the transmission and electronic power steering.  $32,590-36,090

The Engine

There are three different inline-4 engines available, two petrol and one turbo diesel, all of which are the from Ford’s most modern line.  The Ti-VCT (Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing) is standard on all models which can adjust the cam timing on both the intake and exhaust to best suit the driving needs adding both to performance and economy.  Even the ample Duratec 1.6L petrol engine in the Ambiente puts down a respectable 92Kw at 6,300RPM and 154Nm of torque at 4,000RPM; all the while getting 100Km out of 6.2L.  The other petrol engine is the larger 2.0L GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) uses innovative use of direct injection to achieve better fuel economy by running leaner and retarding the injection and spark timing farther into the compression cycle.  The powerful non-aspirated 2.0L puts down 125Kw at 6,600RPM and 202Nm at 4,450RPM through the front wheels into the tarmac.  The most powerful of the engines available is a mighty 2.0L Duratorq engine that features an Ecoboost variable geometry turbo which responds much like a naturally-aspirated engine with virtually no turbo-lag. All that engine may only amount to 120Kw at 3,750RPM, however torque is what gets you off the line and up those steep roads with a full load; that’s what the Duratorq is full of putting down a whopping 340Nm through the front wheels at only 2,000RPM.  You’ll lead those high revving Hondas off the line with all that torque!


The third generation Focus comes with three different transmissions two manual and one automatic.  The automatic on this new model is a far cry from the old clumsy slush boxes we associate with automatic transmissions. The new Focus is using a new 6 speed dual clutch computer controlled automatic transmission.  It is extremely responsive and feels like a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic (you can let your left foot rest).  The two Manual transmissions are found on the petrol engine the 1.6L engine uses the reliable 1B 5 speed and the 2.0L shifts to the more durable newer MTX-75 trannie to cope with the rise of power.


The interior of the third generation Focus is roomier than it’s predecessor, however taller chaps will still find it on the cosy side with just enough leg room in both the front and rear.  The interior trim is plastic on the Ambiente and Trend ranges and leather inside the Sport and Titanium.  The full range offers quiet road performance with excellent sound deadening muffling the road noise with sound dampening inserts inside the doors and chassis made from recycled from recycled denim trousers.  Hatchback owners can also lower the rear seats for maximum cargo space, and unlike other hatchbacks the rear seats do completely lower to a flat position.  The third generation also offers the most flexible steering wheel adjustment with both rake and reach to suit drivers of all sizes.  All the Focuses come with responsive electronic power steering.

ford focus 2011 review sheds garages carport article 2Exterior

            The exterior is aggressively sculpted with organic sweeping lines that have defined edges.  The front grille is quite large divided into three sections and looks akin to the mouth of massive whale shark gulping plankton.

Suspension and Drive Train

All the models except the Ambiente range feature torque vectoring technology differentials which utilizes the use of the on board computer to distribute power more sensibly through the two front wheels, this means no more need for left foot or heel-toe braking when in slick and muddy situations when the old differentials would spin the free wheel.  The Suspension consists of MacPherson struts in the front and control blade multi-point system in the rear, giving the Focus crisp nimble handling with an assertive firm feel; on bumpy roads it may seem a bit stiff though.


The third generation Ford Focus is a mid-market sporty option for an economical and sporty drive.  The new line of powerful engines coupled with the responsive transmissions and firm suspension offer lots of entertainment on those windy back roads.  The interior of the Ambiente range seems kind of plastic to say the least, the sport and titanium models however offer nice trim and decent seats.  With all of these innovations Ford is offering an excellent global product that compete with many cars at its price point and higher in all the markets it will be sold.

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