Protect Shed against Bushfire and Vermin with Retroseal Roofseal

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2 different roofseal profiles and wall seal trim

When building a home, shed or shed home with steel wall and roof cladding like Corro, Trimdek or Monoclad you will notice that there can be substantial gaps near the eave where the roof and the wall sheeting come together.

This gap can allow vermin, birds or even worse…..embers or sparks from Bushfires. With the ever tightening regulations on building in bushfire regions Retroseal Roofseal and Retroseal Ridgeseal can go a long way to helping toughen your shed or shed home against the threat of bushfire.

Retroseal Roofseal is a two piece fabricated steel flashing that seals the top profile of your wall sheeting and also the gap between your roof sheeting and the eave purlin. It can be installed whilst building or you can retro-fit it…siply remove the gutter, gutter clips and install, then refit your gutter. This is also a great time to clean the leaves and other debris out of your gutters if your doing a retrofit. You can get more information and shop for Retroseal Roofseal here

non combustible fire roof seal ember guard sparks bushfire
seal these gaps from vermin and bushfire embers