Product Alert - Monoclad® 0.35mm Wall Cladding Discontinued

Stramit has released a newsletter informing their customers that Monoclad® 0.35mm BMT wall cladding product will be discontinued. And it will be removed immediately from all Stramit branches.

The product will no longer be available due to low market demand and technical challenges in producing this product consistently.

For all existing orders before the announcement last April 12, 2022, these will be fully honoured in the following manner:

  • Monoclad® 0.35mm will be upgraded to Monoclad® 0.42mm
  • Stramit will be honouring this upgrade at no extra cost
  • No further orders will be accepted from this day forward for Monoclad® 0.35mm

On the other hand, Monoclad® 0.42mm is still available at its corresponding price. For further information and enquiries, contact your local Stramit Account Manager or Stramit branch.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Is it too sudden? Share your thoughts in the comments below.