Are you worried about water security during the next bushfire event? If so, read on to see why we recommend Pioneer water tanks to prevent losing valuable water when it is needed most! Prevent the loss of water during a bushfire with steel water tanks. All Pioneer Steel water tanks are built using Australian-made non-combustible Bluescope® steel.

The most crucial factor and a key benefit to having a Pioneer steel tank is that even after a significant bushfire attack, the tank retains its structural integrity, and will continue to hold water. When directly exposed to the extreme heat of a bushfire, the tank liner will melt down to the surface of the stored water, However, the structural integrity of the tank remains and the water is still available for firefighting purposes. In many cases, the tank will still be usable for months after the fire. Pioneer water tanks have been assessed for fire performance by the CSIRO in conjunction with the Bushfire CRC, who conducted extensive bushfire simulations and performance assessments on Pioneer water tanks and poly tanks and received top marks for a 30min fire immersion simulation.

Have a look at the video below to see how they held up!

The time immediately after a fire is when water is needed most for stock watering and possible further firefighting. The internal tank liner will likely have melted in places above the water level, however, the tank itself is usually structurally sound and the remaining water is available for immediate use.

Poly water tank - showing catastrophic failure during bushfire event.

Poly water tank – showing catastrophic failure during bushfire event.

Pioneer water tank remained fully operational and largely unaffected by the bushfire event.

Pioneer water tank remained fully operational and largely unaffected by the bushfire event.

Following the direct immersion of a tank in a fire front, the tank water should not be used for human consumption as there will be some pollution in the water from ash and other fire debris, plus from the melted liner above the water line. The remaining water will be ok to retain in the short term for stock watering and firefighting.

If a fire only passes on one side of a Pioneer tank, the panels are modular, so if they are damaged they can be replaced as required. Small areas of heat damage on the tank liner can be patched, or the liner can be replaced. Your local Pioneer dealer can make this assessment and develop a plan of action to get your tank back into full service as soon as possible.

Have a look at these state bushfire planning resources to ensure your property is as bushfire ready as you can be!

By comparison, poly tanks soften when heated and then structurally fail during a fire event. This failure results in the complete loss of all water and puts an immediate stop to firefighting activities. Poly tanks will also catch fire and burn, adding more fuel to the fire. 

Pioneer’s design provides excellent resistance to bushfire attacks and direct flame contact. However, it’s important to clarify that their Zincalume® and Colorbond® tank panels may be subject to accelerated corrosion and structural degradation after significant exposure to flames.

Your Pioneer Water Tank can also be installed with a fire protection valve, and water reserve supply to assist in having access to water if your property is threatened by a fire attack. This means there is always water available for emergency services to use and potentially save your home, shed or steel building.

Reserve fire fighting

When using a reserve supply be sure to always leave a clear perimeter around the tank to provide clear access to emergency personnel and to prevent any flammable items compromising the water tanks ability to supply emergency water!

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