Preparing your Shed, Yard, Outdoor Areas for Storm Season

The holiday season is coming and this also means that storms are upon us. But aside from preparing the emergency kits, what should we do to prepare our shed, yard or outdoor areas for this season? 

Here’s what you can do to weatherproof your shed and protect your family from storm season.

  1. Trim your trees. Cut long branches and old trees to prevent them from falling on your roof.
  2. Clear your power lines. Hire a contractor to clear trees and branches from power lines.
  3. Clean your gutters and drains. Check your gutters and downpipes are clear of leaves and blockages so they don’t overflow after heavy rain.
A man cutting a tree
Transmission tower
Man cleaning the gutter

4. Batten down loose items. Store or weigh down loose objects around your shed or homes like outdoor furniture, playground equipment and sheds.

5. Secure your windows. Invest in shutters or guards to protect against weather or damage during heavy winds.

6. Fix any damage to your roof, keep it in a good condition. Fix any cracked, damaged, or broken roof sections. Regularly check your roof at least once a year for any signs of damage.

tying the properties
Sliding Window Vent Lock
drilling the roof

7. Have your emergency kit ready. Prepare an emergency kit with a first aid kit, portable battery-operated radio, torch and spare batteries. You can also pack some clothes, non-perishable food, bottled water, hygiene items and make sure your important documents are secure in a weatherproof container. 

8. Have an evacuation plan. Plan multiple evacuation routes. Consider where you’ll go and how you’ll get in contact with each other. Make sure everyone knows what the plan is and what to do during these emergencies.

9. Stay updated. Pay attention to radio, television and online weather updates to help you identify things such as flash flooding locations to avoid, road closures, evacuation and recovery centres.

10. Review your insurance policies. Make sure that you are covered for flash floods, stormwater runoff and damage to properties by trees or at least understand the level of cover you do have. 

listing the emergency survival items
evacuation plan
A man preparing his radio signal
photo of a flood insurance policy

Have peace of mind and try not to panic in this storm season. With prior preparation and a good plan, you can remain safe and dry!


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