Are you looking for a B&D premium roller door for your steel building?

Perhaps you need to match an existing B&D roller door.

ShedBlog is proud to announce we have teamed up with B&D to supply our customers with premium roller door options!

b&d premium roller doors

B&D has been manufacturing roller doors since 1956, so if anybody knows how to design, manufacture and ship a premium roller door, it’s them. B&D has implemented a multitude of design improvements over the year to ensure their roller doors are the BEST in the market and continue rolling for years to come.

Some of the more notable improvements to their doors are:

  • B&D’s unique ‘brake press’ technology stamps a rigid structural pattern into each steel Roller door. This ensures that B&D doors remain flat and strong for a lifetime.
  • The pressed ‘square-line’ profile reduces deflection in the door curtain caused by wind pressure meaning your B&D roller door is less likely to be damaged in extreme weather.
  • Nylofelt running strips (invented by B&D) ensure all B&D roller doors open and close seamlessly and quietly.
Man by using remote opens garage

Along with superior quality control, B&D put all of their products through rigorous testing to ensure they perform beyond expectations. All B&D Roll-A-Doors are tested for 20,000–30,000 up-and-down cycles, which means if you open and close your garage door five times per day, it will last over 15 years! This is in part because unlike most manufacturers who use plastic drums, B&D use a steel drum for the curtain to roll up against making B&D doors stronger and longer lasting.

B&D are the leader in roller door security and places a high value on the security their products provide. B&D Roller doors can be fully automated with B&D automatic openers that feature an automatic back drive, which automatically drives the door back down if it senses someone is trying to break in. They also feature built-in automatic reverse technology, which reverses the door if it senses something is in its way.

total confidence b&d roller doors

To put their money where their mouth is so to speak, all B&D Roll-A-Doors are backed by B&D’s 10-year total confidence warranty when purchased at the same time as an automatic opener, which means you can rely on your door to go up and down, over and over again for years to come.

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