I had a person contact me regarding the old (discontinued) Colorbond colour Plantation today.
They are extending a shed that is a couple of years old that is clad in Plantation coloured sheeting which is no longer available.

They have a couple of ways they could go.

  • They could search and search and ring around and try to find some sheeting in Plantation that someone has a stock of (unlikely).
  • They could use a contrasting or complimenting colour instead.
  • If the order size is big enough and you are prepared to pay a premium then you maybe able to get it produced for you. For example according to COLORBOND.COM Plantation® is now discontinued as a standard colour. Suppliers are still able to order non-standard colour from us, although price surcharges and/or minimum order requirements may apply.
  • They could use ZINCALUME® steel and paint it. Most Paint suppliers will have the codes to match the discontinued colours.

According to BlueScope Steel ZINCALUME® steel can be readily overpainted

Before painting the surface of the ZINCALUME® steel it needs to be cleaned. You can do this by using a mop or soft bristle brush with detergent and water. You should then hose it down carefully with water to remove the soap and let it dry.

If the sheeting is new it may contain some of the residual lubricants from the roll forming process, this can be removed by using the process above.

When your ZINCALUME® steel is clean and dry, it can be overpainted using 2 coats of a good quality water-based Acrylic.(check with your paint supplier for their recommended methods for painting Zincalume)
and if required, confirm the suitability of the paint you select for the collection of drinking water.

It should be noted that the overpainting of ZINCALUME® zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel will in most circumstances void any warranties issued by BlueScope Steel.

You can read Bluescope Steels article on painting ZINCALUME® by going here or enquire direct by calling BlueScope Steel Direct on 1800 022 999.

Recent colours taken off standard – Plantation, Night Sky, Torres Blue (blue ridge),

New colours added to the standard range were Loft, Monument and Evening Haze.