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DIY Mezzanine Floor

When you purchase a new shed with a mezzanine floor in it, the shed design software will upgrade columns and footings as needed, at the time, ensuring that the structure you purchase is strong enough to support any additional...

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LYSAGHT Zed & Cee Purlins and Girts

Build your Shed out of LYSAGHT® Zed or Cee Purlins and Girts A majority of Steel Sheds are built with a Portal Frame of one sort or another. These Portal frames usually consist of 2 columns, 2 rafters, 2 knee plates, an apex...

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Sentry 380 Cyclone Doors

Sentry™ 380 is a high security door that has been specifically designed to protect all forms of buildings against cyclones. Larnec Doors & Systems has invested a great deal of time and money into our Sentry™ 380 series range...

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