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Shed Finance

It’s not always possible to just walk in and hand over the cash for a new shed + slab + erecting and any other potential assosciated costs like power, council/certifying, a new driveway etc and so you may decide to borrow...

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What is shedsafe ShedSafe is the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds. It is an third party accreditation program intended to assist buyers to be able to have confidence in the engineering, steel products ...

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What does ‘Importance Level’ mean?

What is ‘importance level’? Importance Level = the level of consequences in the event of a building failure. The higher the level, the greater consequences there could be to person or public. The Building Codes of...

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Shed Glossary

A glossary of terms frequently encountered when looking to buy a shed. This section is to further help you describe the shed you want to design or understand what you are purchasing. Pass comment below if you have a question...

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