Cyclone damaged shed

Thankfully so far, it appears that there has only been one fatality and few serious injuries as a result of Cyclone Yasi.  We have noticed a timely reminder on the Australian Steel Institutes website that all people considering buying a new shed should ensure that they are at least dealing with shed companies that are have ShedSafe accredited designs. Hopefully the dealer with whom you choose to shop is also ShedSafe accredited. I have included a copy of the release on the ASI website below.

New program identifies cyclone-ready sheds

A new certification program has been launched to increase confidence in which sheds on the market are designed to comply with wind load requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The ShedSafe program has been introduced by the ASI to clearly distinguish shed structures designed to standards developed to meet the demands of the country’s tough terrain and climate. The BCA takes into account structural requirements to meet operational conditions specific to Australia, such as for temporary structures like sheds developed for volatile climatic regions. ASI National Manager – Steel Shed Group, Neil Creek said ShedSafe is a commitment by participating manufacturers and resellers that their design standards are up to date with the BCA. “ShedSafe also guarantees that members have undergone requisite training and submit to regular reviews of the manufacturer’s design principles and processes,” Mr Creek said. “We also defend the integrity of the brand by making sure it’s not used by non?compliant operators and not misused by any members.

Shed buyers should look for the ShedSafe logo to be confident the vendor meets the mark.” He said previous storm seasons had shown the importance of building steel sheds designed to the BCA. Damages caused by 2006’s Cyclone Larry in excess of $1.3 billion highlighted the need to provide greater assurance in the Australian shed market. “Assessing the damages was very revealing. Most sheds that had catastrophic structural failures were not built to the standards set by the Code,” said Mr Creek. “If you’re building a shed in a cyclone zone or alpine region then clearly you need to have more robust design specifications. If you’re building in a more exposed area, on a hill or out in the open, that will also influence the specification. Ultimately, ShedSafe is about community safety and buyer certainty. We anticipate this will lift standards throughout the entire industry.” To learn more about ShedSafe, visit:

For More Information

Name: Neil Creek
Phone: 0407 107 415

We know that there will be a rush on now as the debris is cleared up from this natural disaster to replace sheds destroyed by Cyclone Yasi. We hope that people will choose wisely based on design accreditation and knowlegeable dealers and not resort in an effort to save a dollar by investing in non accredited designs.

If you’d like to ensure that you are in contact with ShedSafe accredited dealers when purchasing a new shed then go here and fill out a request for a quote and place in the details section “Cyclonic shed” and we will ensure your request is passed to businesses in your area that deal in accredited ShedSafe sheds.

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