Introducing Cleverseal

Are you sick of dust creeping in through your roller door, covering your storage area? Had enough of sweeping out the shed every second day? Perhaps you’ve had a problem with vermin nesting inside your prized show car?

Here at ShedBlog we know all too well the challenges dirt and dust can present to shed owners. It infiltrates everything from valuable belongings, stored mattresses, vehicles, and machinery, the list goes on.

Cleverseal was designed as a means to protect Australians and their prized possessions from dirt and dust ingress via the roller door, keeping the shed dust free and creating a clean environment…

ShedBlog has now added Cleverseal products to our extensive range of shed products!

The Cleverseal range of roller door sealing systems fit any shed, skillion building, barn, machinery shed, stables and storage shed. The superior range of seals keep out draughts, driving rain, water, wind-blown dust, bush fire embers, leaves, insects, rodents and other vermin.

Cleverseal roller door sealing systems reduce air movement around the shed up to 82%, while reducing light and odours that attract unwanted pests, rodents and insects and will protect your valuable assets stored inside. These systems are comprised of a comprehensive range of well-designed effective aluminium carriers, combined with various lengths of bristle brush available in standard or flame retardant.

cleverseal sizes

Some of the benefits of installing Cleverseal to your shed roller door include;

  • Keep your shed warmer in winter/cooler in summer
  • Reduces excess water, draughts, pests and dust
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Hard wearing aluminium and UV stabilised bristle brush
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia
  • 5 year warranty

Cleverseal is designed to seal your shed roller door from the elements, and that includes Ember attack. Cleverseal Flame Retardant seals are the market leader and have been specifically developed for protection against ember attack for most Australian shed door types? Cleverseal Cinderseal is a PA6 Nylon flame retardant material which self-extinguishes when ember contact is made. It achieves a flammability index of less than 5 and It is deemed to comply with AS3959:2018 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. If your shed is located in a risk area, Flame retardant door seals are a must have addition to your new or existing shed.

cleverseal 1

Correctly installed, Cleverseal systems will provide excellent service and extremely effective solutions to eliminating all those annoying , undesirable intrusions, dust, draughts, flying, crawling, slithering vermin and pests, and of course, seal out hot and cold winds.

The only maintenance we recommend is to regularly run a wood pencil along the full length of the seal when the shed door is open, to remove any collected particles of dust, plant debris or grit. Cleverseal products are designed to be a relatively easy DIY install and comprehensive instructions are included.

tools required for cleverseal

To order your Cleverseal system, see this link!