Today there is now even more choice in the market when it comes to shed doors. One item that is often left of the shopping list when sticking to a budget build of your new shed is a PA or Personal Access door. This is often done to save a few dollars however you soon realise that it is also a major inconvenience. The good news is that you can easily remedy this situation with a Taurean Personal Access Door.

If you are a little bit handy (or know someone who is?) you can put one of these prehung doors into your shed in an hour or two. It’s pretty much as simple as creating a hole and screwing the pre-hung door into place. I’ll include a few instructions further down the page. The best thing about these doors is they Aussie Made and suit a wide range of sheds from Portal and stud frame and across all the brands like Ranbuild, Fair Dinkum Sheds, ShedBoss, Best Sheds, Widespan, Totalspan, Titan, and many more


  • Zincalume, Standard COLORBOND, COLORBOND® Matt (Monument, Basalt, and Surfmist)
  • Certified wind rating for Pre-Hung doors to N4/C1
  • Quality door hardware supplied with prehung version
  • 180° opening
  • Galvanized and powder-coated square hollow section frame on the Pre-Hung version
  • Unique jamb design to provide maximum strength of the installation

How to Buy – Head to the shop page and decide if what you need is a pre-hung door with all the door furniture or just a door leaf and you’ll do the rest. Decide on the width of door you want. Decide on the finish and colour. How many do you need and the add to cart or buy now.


  • Taurean Door Systems standard offer is a single skin
    metal-clad door:2040mm high x 820mm wide x 37mm thick and
    2040mm high x 920mm wide x 37mm thick
  • Metal cladding is 0.55mm thick BlueScope® XRW COLORBOND® Steel
    Outward swing is standard
  • Heavy-duty Knob/Knob Lockset with Pre-Hung Door only
  • Chrome cabin hook supplied with Pre-Hung Door only)
  • Pre-Hung version comes with three, 100 x 65 x 2mm high-quality colour matched hinges

How to Install?
There are a few ways I’ve seen pre-hung doors installed before. They are 1. Screw to the ends of the wall battens/girts and treat the door jambs as the method to frame up the opening. This is not really recommended as you are weakening the integrity of the shed’s engineering as loads don’t really transfer well through the battens to the jambs and away. The strongest way to install a pre-hung door is to cut your hole in the shed through the sheeting and battens and then cap the ends of the battens taking the framing up to the next uncut wall girt or the eave and fixing the bottom to the slab. Make sure the framed opening is vertical, square, and wide enough to accept the door and its frame.
You then slide the PA door into the framed opening and screw off with (6) 14-20 x 20mm TEK SCREWS INLINE WITH HINGE LOCATION.