In our previous article, Colorbond announced their new colours namely, Dover White, Southerly and Bluegum. And with that, our window manufacturer AMIA also announces they are awaiting powder and confirmation of availability and quantity from their suppliers. They aim to have it by mid to end of November.

New Colorbond Colours 2022

We suspect that once confirmed, you will be able to place your window or sliding glass door orders that are in the ‘new colours’ from January 2023.

They will also discontinue producing shed windows and doors for colours, Cove, Terrain, Mangrove and Wilderness as a part of the standard range, once the new colours are available.

Then, these colours will still be available as a Custom order, which means their lead times and cost will be greater than the current Standard Product Range.

So if you are waiting for the new colours for your shed window or door, you had better wait for the time being, and have the new colours for your shed once they’re ready. We expect we’ll be able to update you when that actually happens.

Do you have a colour in mind? Share them in the comments below.