Fishing the Creek at South West RocksThey’re Biting on Bait in Port Macquarie, NSW – July / August 2011

The mild climate of Port Macquarie is home to some descent fishing whether saltwater or estuary fishing is your game.  Recent reports this August look promising for fish of all species.  Most reports have come back with great success from bait fish, this may be due to the reduced water clarity, and the murkiness limits the fishes’ optical efficiency forcing them to rely on their olfactory senses.  Although the action may be considered warm to lukewarm the seasoned fisherperson can still bring in a nice fish and a pleasurable experience in the mild fishing weather.  A lot of success has also been had after dark in most fishing spots, once again, bait is still the predominant leader for bites. Port Macquarie is a nice fishing town with several tackle and bait shops that offer quality local advice and the port offers estuary and open water charters.

beach south towards Crescent Head NSW from Smokey Smoky capeSchools of Mulloway and Tailor are cruising around on North Beach, where fishing from shore is only practical in between the big swells.  Further North at Plomer Point and Hat Head the school of Mulloway continue their vigorous feeding striking at bait, specifically whole squid and worms, along with vibrant bream to fill your quota.  The Tailor are around but hesitant to strike, however your lures and pilchards won’t go to waste with the abundance of hungry salmon lurking in the water.  There are plenty of blackfish to go around fishing from shelly , but most of them are toss backs, a bit small for what we’re used to off the stones.  The ledges to the south hold more promising action from larger fish.  Most of the action can be seen in sheltered waters where the seas are calmer where the salmon are dominant.  Not too many Bream swimming around out there, but they’re worth a shot.  The best shot at bream is after dark in the estuaries where they’ve been pulling them out of the water at a kilo each.

town wharf jetty pier Port Macquarie NSW            The estuaries are chock full of blackfish around the Westport and South Wall area.  There has been a lot of success using green weed and yabby rigs cast into the weed beds.  Down south, Lake Cathie’s action has been on the lull lately however there is still a consistent population of Flathead around Blackman’s Point and the flats around Pelican Island; they’re all worth a try for the lurking Flathead.  In Lake Cathie the report on Whiting is quite promising with the fish consistently nibbling on worms especially after sunset.  The lake is open to the sea as of now however the discouraging movement of the entrance 90 degrees northward with sand building up and choking the mouth to 50m may close it off earlier than expected this season; unless favourable seas clear the way.

Further north in Crescent Head the reports are quite promising with excellent reports for Tailor.  They’ve been biting on yabbies and fresh filet; even the bream are getting in on the action up north.  The water quality is discouraging with low visibility bait fishing is the best chance for any action; drummer has been consistently caught despite the struggle with murky waters. So open up the shed, dust off the gear, winter is a good time to fish….

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