Did you know that Mice start breeding in the Spring [and] they start breeding at six weeks of age and then they can have between six and ten pups every 19 to 21 days after that? That’s exponential growth!

One area being hit hard right now is the Darling Downs in Queensland. Residents across the region are battling a plague. There have been reports of roads swarming with the vermin while people are going onto social media to compare their catches, some in excess of a dozen mice a night.

One of the places these mice can breed unchecked is in your shed with the potential to do thousands of dollars damage to your equipment and resources. While frosts and cold snaps can curtail their breeding we are now beyond help from the seasons and nature is not likely to help us now. 

A Queensland government report says that “Exclusion is a highly successful way of reducing the damage caused by mice in buildings. Houses and storages are made rodent-proof by sealing all holes, keeping doors closed, fitting traps to drains, screening all vents, etc.”

Ways they can get in

When you build a shed and don’t put Vermaseal in when you build it you will have these gaps all around the wall at floor level and its a great spot for rats, mice and snakes to get in.

gaps in eaves can let mice in too

the corrugations in roof sheets can also allow vermin like mice, snakes, sparrows and microbats into the roof space. In WA sometimes its pesky lizards that get in through here.

How we can help

There are several ways that the ShedBlog can help you exclude mice and other vermin like snakes and rats from your shed or house. These vermin proofing solutions can be installed during construction or after the shed or house has been built. The most popular solution over the past decade or so is Vermaseal. Vermaseal is designed to be placed while you are building and cannot be installed once you have constructed the shed unless you are pouring your slab after the shed has been built. For retrofitting or vermin seal we have Retroseal Products.

Bottom of the wall

You can fit vermin sealing products in a few different places. Vermaseal (Standard, Steel and Z versions) Retroseal Domestic, Retroseal Rural and Combination Seal are all designed to be fit to the bottom perimeter during construction as the wall sheets are being installed.

Up higher in your building

Eaveseal and Roofseal are designed to seal the ends of the roof sheets and the tops of the wall sheet. It is easiest to install during construction but can also be retrofit. Another area for the ingress of the critters is the Ridge cap and Ridgeseal and Shadowline are designed to combat this entry point. With all perimeters sealed you have a much better chance when mice are abundant.

At the ShedBlog, we suggest taking a few different methods into the battle against mice. You never know if a couple might sneak past you when the door is left open, or potentially come in on a delivery of some sort, so maintaining a couple of traps and some baits (in a safe fashion) along with your vermin proofing, should result in a vermin free shed.