spantec mezzanine floors for sheds, buy onlineSpantec Pre-engineered, stand-alone, self supporting mezzanine floor.

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Mezzanine or Loft Floors are a perfect and very cost effective way of increasing floor space in your shed, garage or commercial building without the large costs of extending your structure or moving to a new premises with more floor space.

Our Spantec Mezzanine floor engineering allows the  domestic 1.5 kpa range of floors to be used for offices; storage and our commercial 3 kpa (and up) floors to allow for heavy storage solutions. We can custom design your new mezzanine floor to suit your load requirements what ever they maybe.

Spantec Systems is a leader in light structural steel beams. Spantec’s beams are widely used across Australia for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Boxspan Mezzanine floors are easy to install
Boxspan floors are supplied with all beams rolled to exact length, marked and packed with brackets and screws, and are also accompanied by layout plans, engineering details and certification (when specified). The floor frames are just like pre-fabricated kit making it easy for builders and homeowners to install. steel bearers joists mezzanine floor shedsBoxspan is manufactured from two generally  ‘C’ shaped roll formed sections of high tensile, zinc coated coil steel, which are mechanically locked together.

This is better because; The unique system provides the benefits of full protective coating on the inside of the beam as well as the outside and the structural efficiency of a double thickness of steel in the flanges of the beam, and single thickness in the web.

Install mezzanine floors in sheds, industrial and commercial buildingsInstallation by Spantec, of your Floor, Mezzanine floor or loft can be arranged in these areas. Outside these areas maybe possible. Enquire to find out.

  • Sydney Metro
  • North to Newcastle
  • South to Nowra
  • Southwest to Goulburn
  • West to Katoomba

Floors come in kit form so construction is easy for DIY or you can engage a local builder.

How Much? A Spantec, Boxspan 1.5KPA, mezzanine floor kit 5.58m x 5.58m with 6 posts, that would sit inside a 6m x 6m garage shed or other building start from $2882.00 delivered to Freight Depot in Sydney or for example $3370.00 to Depot in Perth.

A Spantec, Boxspan 3 KPA mezzanine floor kit 5.58m x  8.58m with 8 posts, that would sit inside a 6m x 9m shed, shed bay, workshop or commercial building start from $4239.00

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