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Mezzanine Floors are a great way to increase the available storage space in your shed, garage, workshop or industrial – commercial building. They can be designed with various load capacity and can include staircases, balustrade and safety rails. Mezzanine floors should be engineered and certified especially in commercial and industrial situations and where the general public or staff may access.

Our custom designed mezzanine floors are created based on your requirements and input. There is a form you can fill out here if you have specific dynamic requirements. If you need a simple engineered floor in kit form delivered with engineering drawings, construction drawings and all the steel then this page is where you can shop for the kits. We can offer two options. Option 1 – The engineering, drawings and a bill of materials (BOM) so you can shop for your own components or Option 2 – The engineering, drawings, and the steel kit (still buy your own floor surface like Structaflor) *product images show examples of floor drawing documents and do not specifically represent any one floor. Your kit will receive its own set of drawings and engineering.

How to Order – Floor kits for sale are the max size for that kit, you can enter your actual required dimensions in the note box while ordering. We will contact you to discuss before proceeding to manufacture. Eg, Select the 6000×6000 kit for going inside your 6×6 shed but write the actual size required in the box eg, 5800×5600. If you’re unsure, write TBC and we will discuss. Make sure you measure up the available space you have for your floor system. These floor systems available here are quoted as free standing on posts supplied with the kits. Watch out for clearance around end wall columns, portal frames, knee bracing and the roller door curtains when the doors are rolled up. The kits come with the bolt holes punched to suit so getting your design right is a big advantage, everything just bolts together like a meccano set. The height we quote of is the top of the floor system to the ground floor level, depending on the span, you will have 200-300mm of bearer height below the floor level.

What do I get? When you order a mezzanine floor you get a Construction Documentation Set which is thorough, precise and designed by people who have actually built with steel, they include:

  • The Bill of Materials
  • Engineering Designs & Connection Details that set a new benchmark for the industry.
  • The Production Drawings for all members;
  • & The Engineering Certificate.

DIY Mezzanine floors


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