Mezzanine floor in shed in one bay , american barn style

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Mezzanine Floors are a perfect and very cost effective way of increasing floor space in your shed, garage or commercial building without the large costs of extending your structure or moving to a new premises with more floor space.

There are a couple of methods of adding a mezzanine floor, they are

  1. Attach bearers and joists to the existing frame.
  2. Install a free standing self supporting Mezzanine Floor.

Method 1 is generally fine if you are just planning your shed now and can allow for the extra load that a mezzanine floor might apply to your portal frame shed. If you have an existing steel building then you will want to consult the buildings engineer or a local engineer as to the suitability of your frame to support a mezzanine floor. Sometimes a light duty mezz floor can be installed to existing buildings without large modification to your buildings columns. If you need a floor to carry a large load the method 2 might be your best way forward.

Method 2 can be simple and easily achieved with a Spantec boxspan floor system. This system is designed and then supplied to your specific requirements.

For internal mezzanine floors for sheds, all you need to do is

  1. measure the internal clear space available for your floor, sketch this out…
  2. Decide where you can have posts and internal support posts (if required (depends on span)) and mark these on the plan.
  3. Decide on what the floor space is going to be used for, eg, storage and of what, office space, bedroom, lounge room, workshop, lunchroom, classroom and
  4. Submit all these details for a quote.

spantec shed garage mezzanine floor systems

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What would I get in a Spantec Boxspan mezzanine floor kit?

  1. Design assistance
  2. Bearers &  joists
  3. Brackets & Posts
  4. Fastners
  5. Engineering
  6. Delivery to site


build steel shed mezzanine floor

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What would I need if I want to DIY?

  1. Bearers to connect to your column
  2. Joists to connect to bearers
  3. Additional posts if required
  4. Nuts, Bolts and Screws
  5. Maybe an engineer
  6. Bracketry if required

So whether you would like a pre engineered kit form solution delivered for your mezzanine floor or a DIY work it out yourself and buy the parts solution, both are available via the links above in the pictures or here – Spantec – or – DIY