Metromax Sheds is a company fully operated by Australians specializing in fully engineered kit steel buildings for rural, domestic, and commercial applications. With more than 3000 designs to choose from, Metromax Sheds provides clients with specific installation plans complete with drawings for a wide range of stud frame and portal buildings. The company prides itself in providing quick and efficient service to its customers through its association with one of the largest steel shed components manufacturer in Australia.

Service at its Best

Metromax Sheds provides quick customer service thanks to the numerous distributors and manufacturing outlets of its major supplier. Aside from efficient service, customers are guaranteed a warranty for all Metromax sheds that covers roof cladding, structural members, door items, fasteners, as well as accessories used in the building to ensure all-around coverage. Any defects found in the items under warranty will be immediately replaced at no extra cost to the customer.

Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is important for any business and Metromax Sheds provides its clients with access to its call center for any questions and concerns such as pricing, design issues, and after sales services. Any concern raised in the call center will be attended to immediately, usually within 24 hours, no matter where the customer is located in Australia.

Expansive Product Range

Metromax Sheds provide customers with kit form structures for rural, domestic, and industrial sheds. From garages, barns, and carports, Metromax guarantees customer satisfaction with durable, safe, and reliable structures than are designed to endure even the harshest weather conditions in Australia. Metromax products ensure that you are getting quality kit form structures at the best price possible.

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