Building a Shed, Garage, Barn or other steel structure or extending an existing one? Do you need some Bluescope Steel 100mm purlins by Lysaght for your building?

LYSAGHT® Zed sections may be used over single spans and in unlapped and lapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. Lapped continuous spans result in considerable capacity increase in the system. LYSAGHT® Cee sections may be used in single spans, and unlapped continuous spans in multi-bay building and are ideal as eave purlins or where compact sections are required for detailing.

Punching : Standard Punching is available. Select punching option during purchase to notify us that you require it. Custom Punching requires seperate quote, Download punching details sheet and email it to us at

Lysaght transports its own products, and there is a set minimum freight charge of $230.00. You can choose to collect your order from a Lysaght branch instead at no charge. During check-out change the option to Pickup from Lysaght, and there will be no freight charged. If you are remote and not on a Lysaght transport route, your delivery may not be able to be made. Call first before ordering if you have any concerns.

Options Available 

  • Cee & Zed 100mm purlins with a material thickness of 1.0mm (N/A in NSW& WA)
  • Cee & Zed 100mm purlins with a material thickness of 1.2mm
  • Cee & Zed 100mm purlins with a material thickness of 1.5mm
  • Cee & Zed 100mm purlins with a material thickness of 1.9mm

The above purlins are available in lengths from 1m up to 12m.

Delivery is available to all customers within normal Bluescope Lysaght Delivery areas (as designated by each Lysaght branch) for the standard regular price of $230.00. Outside these delivery areas your goods are to be collected or own freight arranged. You can select and order the purlins on this page. Simply note the various cut lengths you require and the total meterage, add to cart, continue to shop if you wish.

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