When a building design calls for the look of traditional corrugated steel CUSTOM ORB ACCENT™ 21 is a perfect choice. With a slightly deeper profile CUSTOM ORB ACCENT™ 21 roofing delivers real benefits to the architect, builder and owner alike, while maintaining the look of a traditional corrugated steel roof.

  • The high tensile, corrugated ribs of CUSTOM ORB ACCENT™ 21 are 30% deeper making it stronger than traditional CUSTOM ORB® roofing
  • The deeper, stronger corrugations give a tougher roof meaning less damage from foot traffic both during installation and over the life of the building
  • With superior water carrying capacity CUSTOM ORB ACCENT™ 21 allows for a lower roof pitch design, down to 3 degrees
  • CUSTOM ORB ACCENT™ 21 still delivers a coverage area of 762 mm meaning it is the perfect choice for re-roofs and retrofitting to existing building designs
  • Available in 100% Australian made ZINCALUME® steel and four popular COLORBOND® steel colours

Lysaght transports its own products, and there is a set minimum freight charge of $230.00. You can choose to collect your order from a Lysaght branch instead at no charge. During check-out change the option to Pickup from Stramit, and there will be no freight charged. If you are remote and not on a Stramit transport route, your delivery may not be able to be made. Call first before ordering if you have any concerns.

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