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Who has been watching this great video series about Jimmy & Tam building a Wide Span shed? We have and we are very impressed.

Creating your dream property wouldn’t be possible without including your perfect shed.

One Australian couple knows a little more about the ups and downs of building a dream property than most, Jimmy and Tam, Winners of “The Block 2020”.

Jimmy and Tam

They are currently working on their own dream property, including a Wide Span Shed.

Follow along in this three-part mini-series as they venture into the shed-building world and pick up some hints and tips they learnt both the easy way, and the hard way.


Episode One

The first episode of Let’s Build a Wide Span Shed with Jimmy and Tam is jam-packed full of shed advice, practical tips on building a shed along with some fun insight into Jimmy and Tam as a couple: all presented in their down-to-earth, easy-going style.

There are a lot of gems to pick up in this episode with the highlights of the standing up the portal frame of the shed, Jimmy and Tam dreaming about all that they would do with their completed shed and you don’t want to miss Jimmy trying to remember how many years he and Tam have been together.

Let's Build a Wide Span Shed with Jimmy and Tam episode 1 banner

Episode Two

In this episode, the frames are up on Jimmy and Tam’s shed and it’s time to move on to the purlins and girts which brings them one step closer to sheeting their shed. Also in this episode, Jimmy and Tam share some tips when looking for a shed kit supplier and their top reasons for choosing Wide Span Sheds.

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Episode Three (Finale)

Witness the completed shed in all its glory and discover what Colorbond Steel colour choice that Jimmy and Tam decided on for their Wide Span Shed.

Our hosts also take some time to reflect on the entire Wide Span Shed experience from designing the shed to delivery to building completion and give a final round of tips and tricks for those thinking of buying and building their own shed.

Let's Build a Wide Span Shed with Jimmy and Tam episode 3 banner

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