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Sentry 650 Shed Door

How to install an access door in your shed with little fuss or make a Man door in your Man Cave. Do you need a Shed Door? Are you renovating a steel shed, improving access for personnel in your commercial or industrial building, need more PA doors or simply replacing an old clapped out shed door….then we can help.

We supply Larnec Doors and Systems, they provide the best and most secure option for providing a safe and stable entry point into your shed. They offer a variety of designs that will fulfil all of your needs when choosing a door. If we do not carry a certain size you are looking for, you can consult with us for a custom size to be built for your specific situation. Their products are extremely durable and easy to install for the best fit and finish necessary with no hassles when fixing the entrance to your shed.  Larnec manufacture their doors to meet Australian Standards and the Building codes of Australia. Should there be any complications with their doors the 24 month warranty will have you covered, and if you need your door in a hurry they have some of the industry’s best shipping times and will ship anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the UK.  Whether for Domestic or Commercial buildings, they have the gateway to getting the proper door for your shed.

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Sentry 200 Door for Steel Buildings

If you’re looking for the best steel door to secure your shed from external threats as well as shut the rest of the world out while you’re working in your shed, the Larnec Sentry Door System is best for you.  Certain models from the Sentry™ range are often used in banks, airports, and other industrial buildings that need the best security. This is a testament to their integrity and usability.  These doors are fully welded in house and completely maintenance free, the attractive Colorbond steel faced doors are also powdercoat finished for this reason.  They come in a variety of colours to best suit your shed and are delivered pre hung for the easiest installation possible.  Some Larnec Sentry doors are so secure that your shed’s walls may provide a better breaching point than this door.  These doors even ship with the necessary locking hardware supplied by the factory providing you the best security as well as convenience when installing it to your shed. All you need to do is frame out an opening (specifications supplied) and then you just slip the Larnec Sentry Frame with pre-hung Door into the space and fix it into place. Easy! Job done!

You can Shop Online for Larnec Sentry Doors and accessories here at in our Shed Products Direct store “click here”.

Larnec Sentry 650 Shed door in deep ocean just before wrappingThe door on the right is a Sentry 650 door pre hung in its frame just before it is wrapped in Cardboard for transport. The lock set is not yet installed as it is supplied to you seperately so transport is simpler.

The door shown is in the Deep Ocean Colorbond colour. You would simply slip this pre hung door into the framed opening you have created in your shed and Voila! A new PA door in your shed.