For any type of commercial or industrial PA door application, the Sentry ™ 200 is the ideal personal access door because of its versatility and strength.

Sentry 200 is the perfect door for commercial and industrial buildings of all types, for personal access and emergency doors. Easily retrofit to any shed or garage if you want a PA door that is a cut above the rest.

Sentry 200 compises of a semi solid (foam filled) metal clad door with double skinned colorbond steel facings, pre-hung into a choice of frame, powdercoated to suit. Supplied with quality knob/lever exit set and fitted with three industrial grade hinges, there are many options available, all made to commercial quality standards.

Standard Sizes = 2040 x 820mm, 920mm, 1100mm

  • SS4060 series lock sets Knob/lever
  • Doors for concrete Tilt Panel buildings available (200.TP)
  • Tilt Panel for walls 100-150mm thick
  • 200.80 suit a variety of structures and different fixing methods available – Go here
  • T for refrigerated panel walls 50-76mm thick (T200.76)
  • Extra High doors at 2320mm availble (email or call)

How to Order:
+ Select the Size and type of door you require
+ Enter the Colorbond® colour required
+ If ordering the Matt Colorbond® colour, select from the 5 colours on offer
+ Choose Optional Flashings and Seals if required
+ Enter Quantity.

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Do you require a PA Door with a Security Screen?
The Sentry® 200.SCR
is a combination inward and outward opening, pre-hung door and jamb set. The internal single-door leaf is the Sentry 200, and the external door is powder-coated aluminium with a Panther Protect MESH screen.

There are great options for shed screen doors that can keep insects and criminals out.

SENTRY® 200.80
» Multipurpose
» 3-sided jamb
» Suits multiple wall types

» Ideal retrofit solution
» 3 & 4-sided external door jamb
» No external fixings

SENTRY® 200.47
» Universal handing
» 4-sided jamb
» Escape function compliant

» IS3070si + IS4120
» High security 3 point locking system
» 3 Sided Profile Door Jamb

The perfect door for commercial and industrial purposes

Building Architects, Designers, Quantity Surveyors and Builders : How to Specify

  • Doors shall be Sentry 200 doors. Comprising of a metal clad door with colorbond steel facings. Pre-hung in a heavy duty metal frame with powdercoated finish and fitted with three industrial grade hinges and door furniture as specified.

buy larnec sentry 200 shed doors 47 product listFor PA doors that need to swing inwards see below

buy larnec door sentry 200 inswing product listNeed a tough door and a screen door see below

buy larnec screen door sentry 200

Other Doors we have

Larnec Class B table steel shed building doors buyLarnec rate The Sentry 200 series doors as Class B.

Additional Options Available

  • J-Flashing
  • Air relief grille
  • Double Doors
  • Window in door
  • Custom sizes
  • Power closures and Panic Bars
  • Range of colours

Also Available from the Sentry 200 line are

Shed Products Direct “PA Door Hotline” Ph 1800 652 001 and speak to a team member.


Yes, for people who want insect screens/security screens for their Shed PA doors, we have two door systems available: one in the Sentry 200 series and one in the Sentry 650 series.

Yes, for people who want security screens for their Sheds, we have two door systems available: one in the Sentry 200 series and one in the Sentry 650 series.

Yes, both Larnec and Taurean Doors can include delivery to your home or worksite.
However, If your site or home is deemed remote by the freight forwarders, it may be necessary to collect from a regional centre near you.
For Larnec Doors We can arrange for a depot delivery to Toll depots or Lysaght or Stramit Depots.
For Taurean doors, they can be picked up from a Stramit depot in the capital cities and a few regional centres.
If you are unsure please call our customer support on 0456 729904.

Manufacture time varies from 10 working days to 25 working days depending on the model of the door. The Standard shed doors – Larnec Sentry 650, tend to be at the 10-day end of the supply range. The Taurean range of doors has a 4-week lead time.

Larnec has a range of doors from Single skin shed doors to double-skin commercial doors to Heavy duty industrials. Taurean only makes single-skin doors suited to steel sheds. 

Two brands are available, Larnec & Taurean. Both are Australian Made.

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