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Insuliner Insulation

Kingspan AIR-CELL InsulinerTM is a fibre-free, thermo reflective insulation, comprising a cross-linked, closed-cell foam core sandwiched with an anti-glare foil facing on one side and a plain foil facing on the other side and is manufactured by Kingspan Insulation.

Australian-made Kingspan AIR-CELL InsulinerTM is the latest in
thermo reflective insulation technology with the most advanced fire
performance characteristics, achieving a Group 2 classification to
NCC fire ratings for wall and ceiling linings.

Kingspan AIR-CELL InsulinerTM is the only reflective insulation product currently available in Australia which achieves a Group Number better than Group 41 and can therefore be used to demonstrate compliance to the NCC fire performance
requirements in warehouses and commercial or industrial sheds where conventional internal wall or ceiling linings are not applied.

Product Data

Product Data

Technical Documents

You can download further reading on Insuliner
AWS2140 Tech Bulletin Fire Safety Compliance Guide: Wall and Ceiling Linings

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