no shed insulation radiant heat barrier

No insulation lets the radiant heat come down on you

Have you ever tinkered away at some project in the shed in the boiling summer heat? Those sheds can turn a bloke in to a puddle in minutes, especially those steel sheds that heat up like toasters.  It’s no good trying to relax and get any kind of work done in a shed that simply isn’t comfortable.  Luckily there is a way of fixing this problem of seasonal variation.  The Kingspan company has come to produced a real dandy material that insulates steel structures and reflects a majority of the heat away from the interior; this heavenly material will keep the sweat from your brow and will cool your shed from the oppressing heat.

Air-cell Insulbreak 65 is a very compact package that seems a lot like a large roll of those foil things people put on their dashboards to keep their cars interiors from cooking.  In fact the principle is quite similar, but in a much more high tech and industrial strength way.  The insulation sheeting is a 3 in 1 thermal break, insulation and vapour barrier that is designed specifically for use in toasty steel framed structures. It’s hypo allergenic, with no itchy sensation from loose fibreglass insulation to worry about, and is ideal for structures with air space between the roof sheet and the rafters.

insulbreak 65 from shedblog buy onlineThe insulation is very easy to install, even when installing into an old shed to be retrofitted with insulation, since it comes in rolls that are easily handled and applied very simply.  Aircell Insulbreak 65 is an ideal insulating product when it comes to retrofitting old structures as opposed to using radiant barrier decking which is difficult to work with. The radiant barrier decking is also more expensive.

kingspan air-cell insulation buy online Aircell Insulbreak 65 is simple to install needing nothing more than some tek screws and some tape for steel buildings and a staple gun or good old fashioned nails for a good old wooden shed.  Although it is primarily designed as an insulation for Steel Frame Homes  it can be used to insulate an entire steel shed from the roof to the walls.  This will ensure the best thermal efficiency.  The benefits of this renovation are effective all year around keeping the heat out in the summer and the brisk draught in the winter. Aircell Insulbreak 65 will keep the structure nice and cosy.

insulbreak 65 from shedblog buy onlineIf you want a hassle free way of insulating your favourite backyard sanctuary or find that the summer heat is melting your old crayons into a Salvador Dali on the floor, the best solution for your shed is to install Air-cell Insulbreak 65 to keep everything hospitable for the hobbies and the hobbyists.