Patio roof insualtion insulshed 50, kingspan aircell insualtionPeter from the Tweed Valley recently re-roofed their Patio and installed Insulshed 50. Do you have a patio, veranda, lean-to roof that gets hot in summer? Do you need to insulate your patio roof or awning roof? Are you renovating or replacing roof sheeting and want to put a quality insulation under it? Then Insulbreak 65, Glareshield or even simply Insulshed 50 is what you might need.

Our customer Peter, from the Tweed Valley recently went through the process of having the roof of their patio replaced and opted for Insulshed 50 and Tape to do the job. They ordered their Insulation online through the Shed Product Shop and elected to pick it up in Brisbane as time was of the essence. They were due to have the builder remove their old roofing on Monday so they collected their roof insualtion on the Friday after purchasing it online earlier in the week.

Kingspan Insulshed 50 insualtion install showing overlap and tape methodAs you can see in the photos they have supplied, they elected to use the overlap and tape method which is Kingspan’s recommended method of installation. Where possible they have included a 40mm droop to create an air gap that maximises the effectiveness of the insulating properties of Insulshed 50 and other Kingspan Aircell Insulations like Insulbreak and Glareshield.

Peter contacted us after they finished with the following remarks…

“I’d score us 8/10 for the installation last week. Naturally our technique improved as the project neared completion.”

“3 degrees difference between insulated & un-insulated areas.”

“Our builder commented that we’ve chosen a “BMW” quality product.”

outdoor roof area insualted with kingspan insulationThe major benefit of installing Insulation under your patio roof is the reduction of the radiating heat…you know…that hot sensation on the top of your head that you can feel melting you as the sun comes out from behind the clouds.

You’ll be much more comfortable under your Patio, Veranda or in your shed or garage with roof insulation.

If you need to put insulation in after you have built or in your existing shed then you can’t go past Aircell Retroshield. With its woven reinforced scrim you can simply screw it to your roof and wall battens. Read more about Kingspan Insulations Insulshed 50 or Insulbreak.