Importance of Ventilation to Combat Moisture

For any enclosed space, ventilation is important particularly if you will be spending hours inside it. Sheds are no different. To ensure health and safety to the occupants of your shed, it should have good, well-planned ventilation.

There are various reasons as to why ventilation is important and one of them is to prevent mould. Aside from being a danger to your health, it could also affect and damage materials in the shed. Moisture can also affect the building itself.

According to the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) advises that improved ventilation may limit the spread of certain respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19 in indoor environments. 

Also, the  National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 introduced new provisions to help minimize the health impacts resulting from condensation within houses and apartments and some sheds are used as houses

And why is ventilation important?

With air circulating around the room, it would help keep the mould from breaking into your house. Having good and proper ventilation could reduce the condensation so the mould cannot grow. 

High levels of internal water vapour passing into wall spaces can also cause condensation in walls. And the insufficient ability for the wall to dry, due to entrapment of moisture from a lack of vapour permeability in outer materials in predominantly cooler climates and or a lack of wall cavity ventilation is the primary cause of condensation in walls. 

Having a ventilated space would also help get rid of the excess heat during summer. Excessive heat inside the shed can be uncomfortable and could also damage some materials your store in your sheds, such as paint or gasoline. 

Ventilation Solutions

Colorbond Steel Fixed Wall Vents

Colorbond Steel Fixed Wall Vents. These vents are strong and durable. 0.55mm steel louvre blades. They are ideal for any industrial, commercial or shed and garage environment. Available in all standard colours.

Ridge Vent

Ridge Vent is for straight ridges, not hips or valleys. It is corrugated in profile and manufactured from aluminium for Colorbond or Zincalume roofs or from Galvanised mesh for Gal roofs.

The size of the woven mesh means that this product meets the requirements for BAL29 when installed correctly as the gaps will be reduced to less than 3mm as is the holes in the mesh.

Corro Mount Vents

These specially designed vents are great for underfloor, in-wall and to fit ventilation of your steel building. Corro VENTS address the problem of how do we vent the structure neatly when we have a corrugated or Custom Orb wall? They can be supplied to suit horizontal or vertically clad walls. 

Windows for Sheds

These windows are quick and simple to install, instructions are provided with every window. They are self-flashing when correctly installed so there is no need to provide any other metal flashings to trim or waterproof these windows. They have a 19mm fin on all sides to assist with the simple fixing into position with a few Tek screws.

You can also choose to add VLOCKS or vent locks for your windows that allow the window to be safely locked into a partly open position allowing for safe ventilation.

Sliding Window Vent Lock

Is your shed home or workplace properly ventilated? How do you keep your shed home ventilated?


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