How wide should I order my door? –  ordering width questions.

For Series A domestic door openings upto 3m wide you should add 25mm each side for the tracks, Eg. if your framed opening is 2.8m you should order a door curtain 2850mm wide. If your opening is 3m you should order a door curtain 3050 wide.

For AA extra wide domestic roller door openings over 3m wide upto 5.1m wide you should order with 50mm each side for tracks. Eg 5m wide opening order a 5100mm wide curtain, for 4.2m opening order a 4300mm wide curtain.

For any series B light industrial doors there large tracks needing 50mm of curtain each side. So order 100mm wider than the opening. Eg 4m wide opening, order a 4100mm wide curtain . 5m opening, order 5100mm wide curtain.

Do Roller doors come with tracks and mounting brackets?

Yes they do as standard.
Domestic doors have a lock set.
Commercial doors have chain operation and no lock set.
Over about 3.5m you should consider adding Planetary Gearing. We note these size doors on our website with <p>