Manufacturing times (in working days) are subject to change and disruption beyond our control. We have included this list as a guide on what to expect when all the ducks are lined up. We suggest contacting us first if you have a limited lead time as we do not wish to disappoint.

  • Lysaght products: Orders can take up to 48hrs to be entered into the Lysaght system. Most goods require manufacturing, most regular sheeting and purlins are rolled within 5 working days after keying and before delivery or pick up can commence. Production Schedules do vary from location to location and product to product.  Some items have longer lead times of up to 3 weeks. If timing is a concern, please contact us first and we will get an estimated production time.
  • Apex and Knee plates: are manufactured to order and currently have a minimum of 10 working days lead time plus shipping. The production schedule can vary outwards based on how busy the turret punch is. Lead times are currently up and are at least 10 working days. We suggest allowing 15 working days and an extra 3-5 days for hot-dipped galvanised brackets like feet.
  • Footing Brackets: need to be hot-dipped in Gal and can take an additional 5 working days. Shed bracket orders with footing brackets incl could be up to 15 working days minimum.
  • Windows: ** Window lead times are blown out due to very high demand. expect 4-5 weeks **. The manufacture queue is usually from 10 to 14 working days before dispatch. This can be longer for non-standard orders and at busy times of the year.  SEE the important message below about window deliveries. (Custom size windows, Opaque, Toughened and Grey Tint Glass lead times are extended currently due to high demand, can be up to 6 weeks)
  • Larnec PA doors: production times are currently up, Standard 650/37/61 doors 10-15 days,  Standard Sentry 200/47 15 days, other doors 20 days +, non-standard sizes, Double doors, customs, ultra skins and screened doors allow min 22 working days before dispatch.
  • Taurean PA doors: Pick up from various national depots usually approx 21-25 working days after order. Freighted – Doors usually dispatched within 21-25 working days of the order dependent or where in the order, manufacture cycle things fall.
  • Insulation: pick up orders usually ready in 1 working day, delivered orders usually dispatched within 2 or 3 working days, delivery then subject to freight company schedules, usually quite fast though. (couple days)
  • Manufacture Payments: Manufacture payments are non-refundable once manufacture has begun. Manufacture does not commence until full payment is made.
  • Vermin and ember seal products– usually despatched within 3-5 working days. Orders placed incorrectly or being returned or exchanged have a 10% restocking charge. The cost of return freight is borne by the purchaser. A minimum re-delivery charge of $38.00 will apply to the replacement order plus any additional price difference between products.
  • Shed Stairs: manufacture time usually approx 10-20 working days dependent on the amount of hot-dip gal components.
  • Vents – Fixed Large Louvre variety for manufacture, allow up to 25 working days, 4-5 weeks until they are ready for pickup from a depot in your capital city.
  • Garden Sheds: Allow production time of approx 5 working days before dispatch
  • Stable Panels: Currently 7-8 week lead time. Can be 4-5 Weeks, but currently 8 weeks. 
  • XtraLocks: Usually dispatched in 2 working days via regular Australia Post

Orders received after 12.00pm may be deemed to have been received on the next working day due to manufacturers ‘order confirmation’ time frame requirements.