Are there any interesting hobbies you’d like to try out? Sometimes people reject the idea because they don’t have enough room inside their home. A simple solution is to turn an old and unused garage into a beautiful craft room. If you’re interested it’s easier than you think, but there is some work you’ll have to do. Let’s break down the big steps you can’t ignore if you want the job done properly.


Retrofitting Some Insulation

If you keep your car in your garage insulation doesn’t matter too much. It will only take you a few seconds to jump into your car. If you’re going to be spending hours and hours in your craft room the opposite is true, so make sure your walls and ceiling are insulated correctly to keep you comfortable in both summer and winter.

Raising Up Your Floor

This also involves insulation, but it’s a slightly bigger job. There is a chance you’ll need to raise your garage floor up a little. You’ll be able to protect your new room from water damage while insulating it at the same time. You have a number of different options to choose from and it will depend on your budget.

Dealing With The Door

You can simply add a sliding glass door for easy access and additional light. It can provide a wider and taller opening for your steel shed as there is no area at the top reserved for the roll or a roller door.


Installing Electrical Sockets

There is a possibility you’ll need one or two power points installed inside your new room. If you already have some in there think carefully about how many you’ll need. It’s not like the job is difficult to carry out, but you’ll need a qualified electrician to do it for you. Speak with a professional to discuss your opinions.

Adding A Few Windows

A glass door isn’t going to give you enough natural light, so you’ll need to add a few windows. If you’re creating an open floor space, add in a window when you brick up the main garage door.

The Heating And Cooling


The insulation you’ll be adding might not be enough. If you suffer from seriously hot summers or bitterly cold winters you might want to consider a reverse cycle air-conditioner or a potbelly stove.

Now It Just Needs to be Furnished

Once you’ve got it all sorted out you’re only left with things like painting, laying a carpet, and deciding what kind of furniture you need to buy. You’ll have a lot of fun furnishing your new room, but before getting started you will obviously have to focus on the basics first for the project to be a success.