How To Transform Your Dirty Steel Shed Into An Epic Bike Workshop

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Getting stuck into a dirt bike service or rebuild without the right space and equipment is a sure path to frustration. But while we can dream of having one of those bright, clean, fully stocked workshops you see on TV shows, plenty of people have built and maintained their dirt scooters with much more basic set-ups.

Check out ShedBlogs’ Top tips below for improving your sheds usability as a bike workshop.

man repairing his bike in his workshop

1. Flooring

Before you go moving big, heavy tool boxes and bikes into your shed, we highly recommend painting the floor in a proper epoxy to cut down on concrete dust, make it easier to clean up fluids, and reflect light better.

2. Insulation

Insulating your shed to improve the interior temps will make your shed a nicer place to be and will help you enjoy the hours you put in there.Take a look at our range of Kingspan and Tradeselect insulation.

3. Airflow

There is nothing worse when dealing with cleaning chemicals and old oils than having still air. Adding some ventilation to your shed will go a long way to improving the comfort inside, and also help to remove dangerous vapours. Shedblog has a range of windows and vents to improve the ventilation inside your shed.

corro mount vents 150x300 300x300 bal vents
shed window from inside shed with low profile cladding

4. Worksurfaces

Adding a workbench will save you hours of fumbling around on the ground or a stack of old milk crates. Nobody wants to do a bottom end while hunched over a split case on the floor. Adding a metal top will also help when it comes time to clean up. Once you have a good-sized workbench in your shed, add another one….. Trust me.

5. Creature Comforts

You should feel as comfortable as possible while working, so create the best environment for yourself by having things like a stereo for tunes, a fridge for the frothies, and a fan (for hot weather) or a heater (for cold). These won’t make your bike go vroom, but they will make it far easier to spend countless hours in your shed.

6. Security

Storing your valuable bike and tools inside your shed is a pretty standard operation in Australia, However, with the ever-increasing amount of thefts and break-ins, securing your shed has never been more important. Read this blog post to learn more about securing your shed against thieves and intruders.


7. Chemical Storage

You’ll likely be using a lot of sprays with a project, and a lockable metal cabinet is a great place for them, as it will keep them organised and away from the rugrats. We’re talking paints, brake cleaners, contact cleaners, and speciality items like bearing grease, filter cleaner, filter oil etc.

8. Vermin 

Preventing vermin entering your shed will go a long way to improving the viability of a shed motorbike workshop. The last thing you want is rats chewing those expensive wiring harnesses, snakes curling up inside your parts boxes and spiders making a nest inside your disassembled bike.

car vermin proofing

Shedblog has a range of retroseal products to choose from when trying to prevent vermins from entering your shed. Have a look at them here.

Transforming a steel shed into a bike workshop brings a range of advantages. By incorporating vermin seals, insulation, vents, and security measures, you create an optimal environment for bike maintenance. The inclusion of vermin seals protects your equipment from potential damage caused by pests, while insulation regulates temperatures for year-round comfort. Adequate airflow enhances ventilation and eliminates harmful vapours, promoting a healthier workspace. Additionally, implementing security measures ensures the safety of your valuable bikes and tools. With these essential elements in place, your steel shed-turned-bike workshop becomes a functional and secure space to pursue your passion for bike maintenance.