mice running around corrugated tin

Mice might be lovely little pets if they’re tucked away safely in a cage, but when they’re on the loose it’s a completely different story. Legend says when you’re in cities like New York you are only a couple of metres away from a rat at any given moment. Scientists are saying Australians might have the same kind of epidemic in a while thanks to a plague of mice about to strike.

Why The Mouse Plague Is Being Predicted

The mice haven’t started creeping into your shed yet, so why are scientists saying a plague isn’t too far away? The biggest reason is the fact we’ve had a very wet spring, which hasn’t happened for a long time. On the one hand, it’s meant Australia has enjoyed a fantastic harvest. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the wet spring has resulted in the ideal conditions mice need to breed a lot.

It’s Crept Over Into Summer Too

If having one of the wettest springs on record wasn’t enough, it’s been directly followed up by our mild start to summer. The mild summer is like throwing petrol onto a fire that is already raging out of control. It allows the mice to keep breeding and breeding until there is so many of them it’s impossible to escape their grasp. Are you prepared for what is about to come?

The Last Mouse Plague Devastated Farmers

Retroseal Superseal strip and tabs positioned on wall sheeting

Do you remember anything about the last mouse plague that spread throughout four states? It was only over half a decade ago and it caused a huge amount of destruction. In total, they estimated the mouse plague ruined over a million hectares of farmland. It’s impossible to add up how much it cost individual farmers in lost revenue, but the figures must have been devastating.

They Might Be Getting Ready To Attack You

This plague of mice won’t just damage crops, so even if you’re not a farmer you have to be worried. There are going to be so many of them and the likeliest way they’ll get you is by finding their way inside your shed. They will leave their waste everywhere, they’ll carry diseases, and you won’t believe what they can chew through. You might even end up with nests inside your car.

How To Stop Them From Getting In

There is a perfect solution steel shed owners can use to keep the mice away. Your shed needs Steel Vermaseal to keep the plague of mice out. At the base of your wall, the gaps in your cladding will be reduced so much it’s going to help you avoid any infestations. As an added bonus, it will even keep embers and sparks outside so you’ll be safe from any raging bush fires.


It’s Time To Take Action Now

There is only so long before this mouse plague will hit us hard. You don’t want to be one of those people who had trouble when the last one struck. Even if the mice are not destroying your crops, they’re pretty skilled at causing lots of damage. They seem to be better at it than most other animals that will be able to sneak into your shed if you are not using Steel Vermaseal