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1. Technical Terms

Technical Terms - Barn Window

2. Accurately Locating the Barn Window and Cutting the Opening

AMIA supply Barn Windows with Trim Beads and also offer you a choice without Trim Beads. The Installation Guide will provide information for both options.

recommends the installation of head flashing in order to comply with National Construction Code 2019 Volume 2 Clause unless windows/doors are protected by an awning or similar roof. AMIA do not supply steel flashings. Steel mullions are recommended to be installed along the jambs.

IMPORTANT! The cut dimensions should finish in the pan or valley equally at both jambs. DO NOT position the jamb(s) on a ridge in the cladding. Some builders may prefer to fix windows prior to cladding the wall; however the risk of doing this may mean adjusting the sheets to match the location of the window. If CORRO® cladding is used; AMIA does not recommend installing Sliding Glass Window before cladding walls.

AMIA has shown 1 type of head flashing shown in STEP 3. Trim Beads in the pitched apex are redundant if a head flashing is provided. Cut out dimensions for opening width and height are found in Table 2a, Figure 2.1 and Figure 2.2. Slots for head flashing to be cut as indicated in Figure 2.3 and 2.4.

Select the Barn Window position by marking the centre dimension of the window on the wall. Mark the cut out dimensions. Check the opening is level and square by checking diagonal measurements.


3. Head Flashing and Sill Flashing Details

AMIA recommends the installation of head flashing in order to comply with National Construction Code 2019 Volume 2 Clause unless windows/doors are protected by an awning or similar roof. AMIA do not supply flashing. Steel mullions are recommended to be installed along the jambs. If Head flashing are used, discard the Head Trim Beads.

Head Flashing for Barn WindowSill Flashing for Barn Window

4. Sealing the Barn Window

Apply silicone seal in all fasteners both body and head as shown in Figure 3.1 to 3.4.

Sealing the Barn Window

Fill up the void of jamb with silicone seal as shown in Figure 4.3.

Install fin patch in both sides of the frame head corners as shown in Figure 4.1 and 4.2. Apply silicone seal around the fin patch and to the door frame fin and press the fin patch firmly to seal.

Provide a 5mm x 5mm bead of silicone seal all the way around the exterior face of the window fin, in the center of the fin as shown on Figure 4.3. Smear silicone across the join in in the fins to seal these joins. Smear sealant across the joins at the junction of the window head and jamb extrusion. Repeat at the joints of the jamb to the sill.

Sealing the Frame

5. Installing the Barn Window

  • Place the Barn Window in the opening from inside the building.
  • Screw the first self-drilling screw externally through the cladding into the window fin, along the Barn Window head to hold the window in place.
  • Provide internally, structural members (or AMIA stiffener) to the jambs (minimum). Then place all the remaining self-drilling screws around the perimeter. These screws should be 5mm away from the cut opening to align centrally with the Barn Window fin.

Apply silicone seal along cladding to seal the head flashing. Fix the flashing using #10 Hex head Tek screws as shown in Figure 5.1 below.

Installation of Sliding Glass Windows

6. Complete the Sealing Externally

To complete the sealing we recommend running a full bead of silicone seal vertically down each jamb externally to seal the junction of the jamb to the wall cladding. Particular attention must be given to seal the junction of the jamb to the head and sill as shown Figure 6.1 and 6.2.

Complete the Sealing Externally

7. Installing the Trim Beads

If Head Flashing is used, discard the Head Trim Bead.

If you are using the “CORRO®” cladding profile, and it runs vertically, you will need to cut the Trim Bead to the head and sill only. If the cladding runs horizontally, then the jamb Trim Beads only needs to be trimmed. These Trim Beads can be trimmed with a hacksaw or tin snips. Trimming is only required when installing to “CORRO®” profile as shown in Figure 7.1 and 7.2.

Installing the Trim Beads

Attention: Care + Storage – Windows + Doors
Before and During Installation

Avoid damage to your product:

Protect from all …
Cement based products
Welding + grinding activities

IMMEDIATELY wash off and remove any …
Wet cement, mortar, paint, acids or other chemicals if they contact any part of this product.
Use plenty of clean water and a soft, clean cloth.
Note: Just like the finish on your car …

Cement and acids will cause irreparable damage to the surface finish of this product.

Until installation …
Store in a dry, sheltered area. Damp packaging can cause permanent glass staining.

+ Keep your product safe from contact with tools and building materials

+ Protect your door sill and threshold from rubbish, dirt, mortar and heavy weights eg wheelbarrows

+ Keep free of placing loads and weight on any part of the frame

X Abrasive / incorrect cleaners and cleaning methods, cloths containing grit, steel wool or metal scrapers to clean your glass or aluminium WILL DAMAGE your product + void Warranty

+ Energy Efficient + Coated Glass
Viridian Cleaning And Maintenance

+ For help, immediately report any damage to your product to the site office or building supervisor

Installation Instructions

Frames are to be installed plumb, square and free from vertical and lateral pressures.

Door sills must be installed level, fully supported (front and back) and level side-to-side and front-to-back at all times.

Failure to do so could result in operational problems.

Your recommended installation instructions appropriate for this construction type are included with your order. 

Ensure proper drainage from under windows and doors installed into single skin masonry construction by keeping all external tiles or render to finish lower than the concrete level under your window or door

Remove any factory applied, protective film on the glass or frame of an AMIA product within 30 – 90 days of delivery


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