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If you are operating a business from a commercial shed, chances are you have valuable stock or equipment that you are wanting to keep protected from the weather and criminals. While purchasing and maintaining a commercial shed is a good start to keeping your goods safe, you may want to consider a few extra precautionary measures to make your shed as secure as possible particularly due to the growing crime statistics here in Australia.. Here’s five ways you can improve the security of your shed today.

Use multiple lock systems

Locking the door to your commercial shed is a no-brainer, but often the standard door hardware isn’t well secured. When dealing with business break-ins, criminals are often more prepared than you might think, and these thieves will likely be skilled in compromising a basic lock to gain access. Heavy duty door closing mechanisms are often the best bet. These measures will deter thieves who often look for properties they can gain entry to quickly, quietly and without disturbing anyone. You could also try Xtraloks for your Roller Doors.

Upgrade your shed door

Your shed door is likely to be the weakest part of your shed and therefore, the best point of entry for criminals. Consider upgrading your standard shed door to a reinforced steel model to keep thieves at bay. While you’re at it, take a look at your door hinges. If these look flimsy or breakable, replace them with steel alternatives. Thieves may use force to break your door off the hinges and grab as much of your gear as possible before making a quick exit.

Go for a high-tech security system

Criminals want their crime to be untraceable, so the presence of security systems may be enough of a deterrent to ward off break-ins. Alarms and CCTV should be your first port of call. To scare away criminals, make sure they are visible and advertise their use with signage. You could also look into adding flood lighting to your shed. Criminals often act under the cover of darkness and won’t want to risk being spotted breaking into a well-lit commercial shed. It’s also worthwhile considering the value of items outside your shed that may be vulnerable to criminals for example the commercial solar panels on your roof are probably worth a fortune and may be vandalized if access to your roof is easy.

Keep on top of repairs

Finally, don’t neglect the condition of your commercial shed cladding. There is a growing range of metal cladding options in the industry and they vary in quality from a security standpoint. If you let damages go unrepaired, you are compromising the security of your shed and making it easier for thieves and vandals to gain entry. Make sure that you tackle any repairs as soon as possible to keep your goods protected.