shed on wheels

You can build the most elaborate shed in the world, but will it really stand out? Nobody is going to notice it sitting in the back of your garden, but they would if it was to whizz past them on the street. Kevin Nicks, a 51-year-old gardener from Oxfordshire in England decided he would test it out for himself. Within seven months his VW Passat with 16 years on the road suddenly morphed into a garden shed. Not only was this fast shed on wheels blowing people away, but it also destroys the current Guinness World Record.

The Basics of a Shed on Wheels

How much do you think it would cost you to set a world record? Kevin managed to accomplish his goal spending roughly $8,500 if you don’t count all the man hours he put in over the seven months. The foundation of the shed was comprised of 3mm box section steel, plus wooden panelling along with a pitched roof finished it off. That is all you need to build your own super-fast shed, but the one Kevin built is a lot fancier. You’ll never be able to guess some of the other features installed to make the vehicle more than a basic shed on wheels.

It Had Lots of Unique Features

shed on wheels parked

Put yourself in this situation for a minute. What unique features would you add to your garden shed on wheels? I bet you don’t have sport electric windows in the shed sitting out in your garden. There is no chance it will have air conditioning either if it’s only the size of a car. You wouldn’t need remote central locking if you didn’t plan on parking your shed in random places every day. It essentially has all the cool features you’d expect in a relatively new car, including 4WD in the event of Kevin deciding to go off-roading in his weird contraption.

How It Actually Broke the Record

This shed on wheels has a 200bph V6 engine under the hood, but it also sits at over 2 tons in weight. It’s hard to guess whether it would be fast or slow looking at the figures alone. Thankfully, the vehicle has broken the record for the world’s fastest shed by reaching a top speed of over 140km/h. This is around 46km/h faster than the shed on wheels currently sitting in the Guinness World Records. If you’re curious as to why Kevin hasn’t made his record official yet, it’s because he aims to tinker with the shed until it hits a top speed over 160 km/h.

It’s Also Completely Road Legal

shed on wheels full

The funniest thing about all of this is the legality of the shed car. You would expect Kevin to be driving around on private land, but his creation is 100 percent road legal. It’s taxed, insured, and has the MOT to back it up. It did need to go through a gruelling process before it was officially declared road legal, but it has proved it’s deserving of its status. Kevin has already racked up more than 5,000 miles on the clock. It’s out and about so often because it’s visiting shows around the country where people get to see it in real life.