Haneco VEGA 200WThe Haneco VEGA LED flood light is a super bright LED light intended for industrial use. You can easily change the direction of the light by using the rotatable Trunnion bracket. The design of the Haneco VEGA LED light also includes a metal cable entry and a silicone housing gasket.paypal horizontal_solution_PP_sml


The VEGA 150/200 Watt floodlight meets an IP65 rating. You can mount it on the wall or on the ground with its angled bracket that allows for fast fixing. This LED light is also toxic- and mercury-free, being an excellent fit for the environment. The VEGA 150/200 Watt is meant for use in car parks, sports events, general areas and especially for security flood lighting.

VEGA 150/200 Accessories

Haneco VEGA light

  • VEGA glare shield designed to reduce glare
  • VEGA wire guard protects the lens from damage
  • VEGA tenon mount  322x230x96mm (SUITS 60mm POLE) made from black powder coated steel
  • VEGA pole mount 322x205x62mm made from black powder coated steel

Haneco VEGA specifications

Haneco Lighting offers the country lighting solutions for a wide range of purposes, regardless if you are looking to equip your shed, farm, commercial or industrial buildings, entertainment venue, hospitality space, garage or residential buildings. As an added bonus, the company also gives you estimated savings demonstrations, on-site consultations and lighting simulations.

Haneco VEGA 200-AYSM

Haneco supports Australian individuality by offering LEDs that are a perfect fit for workshops, steel sheds, garages or backyard man caves. No matter your intended purpose, we have a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for all your lighting needs.

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