Haneco TRIPROOF 4 LED batten tubesThe Haneco TRIPROOF LED is a powerful rugged LED batten that is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

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It is designed to be extremely efficient and economical. First of all, it helps you save energy thanks to its intellisensor, which dims the light whenever a room is vacant. Some models also give you the option to adjust the dimming level and timing by yourself. Secondly, some models have an ecoswitch that, when flicked, enables you to only use half the power you normally use.

The LED itself is very resistant, as it is comprised of a UV-stabilised body and diffuser, that are packaged together with stainless steel tamper-proof clips. It comes with an 18mm-cable entry with an optional knockout at one end. The Haneco TRIPROOF LED is perfect for outside and industrial use and it is also efficient in lighting sports halls and public amenities.

  • Ecoswitch technology allows you to select half power option with the ‘flick’ of a switch-available on some models
  • Intellisensor acts as a standby sensor, dimming output when a room is vacant. Dimming level and timings are adjustable inside the unit-available on some models
  • 3hr Ni-Cd battery pack included in emergency models
  • UV stabilised PC body and diffuser packaged together with Stainless steel tamper-proof clips
  • 18mm cable entry with an optional knockout at one end
  • IK08 vandal resistance rated
  • IP65 rating, suitable for exterior lighting

Haneco TRIPROOF inside view

Haneco Lighting ships all over Australia so you’ll have easy access to accessible and high-quality solutions whenever you need to equip your garage, your backyard shed or workshop. To this end, you can use Haneco LEDs for your commercial and industrial buildings, as well.

Haneco TRIPROOF diagrams

Haneco Lighting is a highly specialized and experienced LED manufacturer, that is based in South Australia, but supplies to the entire country. Their product range keeps growing and adapting to the ever-changing lighting trends.

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