farm sheds exempt development council useOne would be forgiven for thinking that a “Farm Shed” is simply a shed on a farm property and many people do use the logic that since this shed is on my farm it is a farm shed and therefore exempt of planning laws.

Planning laws regarding Farm Sheds differ across Australia so it is important that you check your local planning regulations either with council or with a local private certifier.

Generally, Farm Sheds, in the eyes of the planners, are isolated structures that are used to house agricultural equipment and supplies. They are meant to be built away from Farm Houses and away from neigbouring property boundaries. This is so if they fail due to storms etc they are unlikely to impact upon other property. Farm sheds are sometimes sold with a lesser wind rating and lower importance level (eg. Importance Level 1) as they can be built a little more economically which often suits farm economies.

They are not meant to be a workshop or accommodation, they are not meant to be garages or teenage retreats. These structures are considered by the planners as buildings that maybe used as a shelter and as such, their failure could impact upon humans safety in the event of a collapse and so have a sturdier engineering and an importance level of 2 or above.

Therefore, the major factors in deciding whether a shed qualifies as a Farm shed or not are 1. The location of the building and 2. The use……not just because it is built on a farm property.