Apart from buying a whole new shed, extending your existing shed, garage or stables  is often one of the best solutions to the following problems and can be quite economical.

extending a shed

Extending an existing shed with a taller extension.

  • Shelter required for new tractors and implements.
  • More cars in the household so now we need more shelter.
  • The house is to small and the shed is already full.
  • We need more entertaining area.
  • More horses on the way.
  • Have bought a helicopter, ultralight or plane for the farm.
  • Have put a pool in near the shed and could use  an awning for shelter.

Extending a shed can take the form of many options.

  • Extra bays done as a roof only extension.
  • Additional open fronted bays.
  • Fully enclosed extension with new openings like roller doors etc.
  • The addition of an awning off the existing building
  • The addition of an annexe either enclosed, partly enclosed or open.
extending an extisting shed with sliding doors

Existing shed with sliding doors extended

Sometimes in the past I have been contacted by people who are looking for various specific components of sheds they need to extend their shed. After considering their needs and making a list of their required bits and pieces it usually becomes clear that they can save time and money and obtain a better finish by purchasing a kit for their additions. Often with engineering and delivery to site included.

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