When you purchase a new shed with a mezzanine floor in it, the shed design software will upgrade columns and footings as needed, at the time, ensuring that the structure you purchase is strong enough to support any additional load that the floor might add. Mezzanine floors supplied with a shed usually have bearers that bolt to the portal frames columns. These bearers are usually quite substantial c250 or c300 cee sections depending on the span. Intermediate bearers will often be ‘back to back’ cee sections.

If you are retro fitting a mezz floor to your building you generally need to install it on its own posts to avoid affecting the engineering of you existing shed. You should consider what parts of your shed could get in the way if you want to lut a new mezz floor in. The wall columns and girts and roller doors can mean that the true floor space in a 6m x 6m shed is closer to 5.13m x 5.5m free space to erect a floor into. Keeping an eye on clearance under and over are important as well. Request a kit quote.

The joists are then bolted between the bearers. These are usually 150 or 200 cee sections. Depending on load and use, they are often set at 450mm or 600mm centres.  They are most often connected to their bearers with GP Brackets.

If you are wanting to build your own mezanine floor we do recommend having it engineered so you know that it is fit for purpose. The Shedblog can help you with getting a kit for a mezzanine floor including the engineering and other drawing you need. You can request a quote for a stand alone mezzanine floor for you building by clicking the button below and entering your details.

We have all the materials you need to build a mezzanine floor from Cee section to brackets and the nuts and bolts. Head here to our Lysaght Pages to get some pricing or you can get a quote from us for a kit and engineering as well. We can also quote on supplying the engineering on its own or with some or all of the materials. Just enter as much detail as you can when asking for a quote so that we provide the most accurate and best price possible.

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If you need some stairs so that you can get access to your mezzanine floor the we also have a solution for you. We have a range of Shed Stairs Australia staircases available in our comprehensive Shed Products Shop , click here.

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