A large bird aviary Shed

By making a list of what you want to put in your shed, what activities you want to do in your shed and most importantly, what might you want to do in or store in your shed in the future. We call this Future Proofing your Shed.

Do you wish to park 2 cars in your shed, have a workshop at one end and room for shelves or benches in front of the cars? Will your teenagers start to drive in the next 5 years? More space for cars?

Do you have small cars or large four wheel drives? This can affect the depth as well as the clearance under roller doors you require. This in turn will affect the wall height of your shed.

Do you have a boat or perhaps thinking of buying one in the near future?   Do you have a Camper-trailer? Are you thinking of buying a caravan in the next 5-10 years?

Do you require extra outdoor entertaining area? Roof extensions and awnings on your shed are cost effective way of gaining this extra space.

An awning on the shed over the roller doors can allow you to move the cars part way out of the shed but still be undercover whilst you work on them or on a project inside the shed.

Is the shed going to be a teenager retreat or granny flat? Then the installing of insulation to the roof during construction will be far simpler now than later and can be included in the financing of the project.

Maybe the shed you want doesn’t need to house vehicles and so you’re thinking that roller doors are not needed? One day you may wish to sell your property and a more functional shed with a roller door I would suggest will be more attractive to potential buyers.

Simple double garage

We all usually know right now the main reason for buying a shed, what we are suggesting is that you also take a little time to consider what your dream shed would do? What you might need in the future in a shed. You can never have a shed that is too big, but many people out there end up with sheds that are too small, won’t fit the caravan in or the new boat. It’s very difficult and costly process to raise the height of a shed.

If you’re on a very tight budget then at the bare minimum you should ensure that the shed you choose to buy can be extended with awnings or extra bays with correctly engineered materials. Watch out for those cheaper single, double and triple garages in leaflets in the letter box or the classifieds in newspapers. Many of them cannot be extended as they do not have the engineering to cope so we suggest you make a list of your future proofed dream shed when first planning a shed.