Cyclone Ita on approach, BOM 10/4/2014

Cyclone Ita on approach, BOM 10/4/2014

Steel Sheds and Cyclone preparation.

Modern sheds designed for cyclone regions, specified correctly and supplied by ShedSafe accredited manufacturers and suppliers stand a much greater chance of surviving cyclones than older ones or incorrectly supplied buildings.

The newer sheds are designed to remain standing even if a dominant opening is created by a door failure or loss of cladding.

There are a couple of extra things you can do to help minimize damage.

  • Ensure your yard is clear of items that could become airborne and damage the shed.
  • Tape your windows with a strong tape in a criss-cross pattern or fix storm shutters into place.
  • If possible, ensure items stored in shed are away from the Roller Door in-case the roller door fails. A lot of damage caused to items in sheds occurs when older roller doors come out of the tracks and flap violently around damaging vehicles, boats  and other machinery.
  • If possible, secure the PA door at the top and bottom corners (opposite hinges) as well as the normal latch. This will assist with preventing the PA door possibly opening if the wind pressures cause the door frame to twist releasing the std lock.
  • Ensure your gutters and barges are in good order and are securely fixed.
Doors that escape their tracks will disintergrate in cyclonic winds

Doors that escape their tracks will disintergrate in cyclonic winds


All sheds aside, decide early if you are evacuating to a shelter or sheltering in place.
If evacuating, then go early. A last minute evacuation is dangerous.
If your area is subject to storm surge then additional precautions are required.
Consult your council for mapping of surge prone areas.

A couple of days out…

  • Identify your strongest room to shelter in place during severe storm or cyclone
  • Identify where and how to turn off the main supply for water, power and gas
  • Have items on hand such as water storage containers, spare fuel for your vehicle (ensure you store it safely), camp stove and fuel for cooking without power etc.

When Cyclone or severe storm is imminent

  • Disconnect electrical appliances and external television /radio aerials and turn off electricity and gas main supplies if instructed to do so.
  • Secure outdoor furniture and garden items.
  • Fill buckets and bath with clean water in case of interruptions to water supply
  • Close windows with shutters or tape windows with strong tape and draw curtains.
  • Go to shelter if that is your plan and it is safe to do so.

According to here’s a list of handy items if your sheltering in place

a – fresh water for three days
b – three days worth of nonperishable food and can opener
c – first aid kit
d – portable radio
e – torch
f – sturdy gloves
g – spare batteries for radio, torch and mobile phone
h – essential medication
i – mobile phone and charger
j – important documents in sealed bags + cash
k – baby formula + nappies
l – waterproof bags
m – toiletries

and here’s a list of what to take if your heading to a shelter

a – blanket
b – sleeping Bag
c – kids toys/entertainment
d – pillows
e – warm clothes
f – valuables + mementos
g – essential medication
h – mobile phone + charger
i – important documents in sealed bags + cash
j – baby formula + nappies
k – toiletries