Covid 19 wave slowing transport - high demand impacting manufacture.

Whilst many of the Steel Shed Industries manufacturers are doing a great job keeping up with demand, the last 6 months leading up to Christmas and the January Omicron wave has certainly seen delays in shipping and some manufacturers struggling to keep up with demand for building materials.

We have noted that parcels over 1m in length with most carriers are moving slower as they don’t tend to fit the automated conveyers through the major centres and have to be manually processed at a time when there are staff shortages, workplace challenges with positive Covid cases causing staff to isolate etc. Large items with TOLL for example have been placed into bulk storage as they hit the hubs and are taking up to 30 days to be delivered. Melbourne TOLL is particularly affected.

Even Australia Post has been struggling with Express Post items taking longer, get misdirected, and sometimes lost for weeks. It’s more important now than ever to ensure accurate addressing and careful consideration of where you are having parcels sent.

Some manufacturers lead times have extended significantly through the perfect storm of greater demand and less staff. How are your teams faring?

We suggest ordering as early as you can if you are on a tight timeline. What was a normal processing period 12-18months ago is very different today. And if you get your products, shed, windows, doors or whatever quickly then that’s a BONUS and you can have brownie points for being organised.

If you do have any specific concerns about delivery and manufacture times, feel free to call us and discuss them so we can all have a greater experience, and understand expectations on the various products supply times in the shed industry.

Happy #ShedLife

David Masefield