New Colorbond Colours 2022

Shed Colours

As we can recall last April 2022, Colorbond announced that they will remove three of their current colours will be replaced namely, the Cove, Mangrove, and Terrain. It has been said that they will remove these colours based on the current and projected future demand.

And last August 23, 2022, in their Colorbond Compass 2022 online event BlueScope has announced their new colours. Three new colours have been introduced replacing their previous colours. 

  1. Dover White™ is inspired by the chalky sands, glistening ghost gum bark and pristine alpine snow. Clean, crisp and timeless, COLORBOND® steel Dover White™ brings a fresh direction to the COLORBOND® steel colour palette. 

2. Southerly® is a reserved hue reminiscent of distant hills, coastal shorelines, and the inviting coolness of a southerly change. COLORBOND® steel in the colour Southerly® is a cool grey with pale tones providing abundant possibilities in both residential and commercial designs.

Southerly® Colorbond Colour

3. Bluegum® is indicative of cool horizons, morning mists and shades of mountain gums, COLORBOND® steel in the colour Bluegum® is a relaxed grey with a calming mid tone.

Bluegum® Colorbond Colour

Fencing Colours

In addition to this, they have also introduced 2 new colours to the standard Fencing colour palette.

1. Wollemi® is evocative of remote forests and deep valleys, COLORBOND® steel Wollemi® is a rich and robust green with a hint of blue, capturing a nurturing and sophisticated tone.

Wollemi® Colorbond Colour

2. Bluegum® gives it immediate versatility and style, coordinating easily with dark timbers and naturally honed stone finishes. Use in roofing and walling for ultra-modern style homes or for fencing and sheds as a complementary addition to the tones in silver-grey plants.

Bluegum® Colorbond Colour

Now, BlueScope has commenced production of these new COLORBOND® steel colours. And Lysaght will also start introducing the colours into their range of roofing, walling, rainwater and fencing products in the next few weeks.

What are your thoughts on these new colours? Which one appeals to you? Share them in the comments below.