The price of Colorbond is going up in January 2011. This will effect all products manufactured from Colorbond sheeting like Fencing, Guttering, Cladding, Sheeting etc.

What we are most concerned about here of course is Sheds and what it means for them

Our recommendation is that if you want to try to ensure that you avoid this price rise then you need to be thinking of ordering your shed soon!  If you need some quotes then I suggest getting a move on. You can save, on average, hundreds of dollars $$$ by acting now and not in the New Year. I’m going to stick my head out here and suggest that if you are not at manufacture by around the 15th of Dec you may have to wear a price rise.

Check with your chosen supplier if your price is locked with just a deposit (usually paid to secure engineering for council) or whether you need to be at what is often referred to as “Manufacture” to lock in your price and avoid the price rise.

The reason you need to look at acting soon is that the manufacturers and suppliers will be closed over  Christmas.

All manufacturing slots for sheds, for delivery prior to Christmas 2010 are full and as such all new buildings ordered will be delivered in January now and January is when the price rise takes place.

Speak to you chosen supplier now! and look to ensure your price is locked in by getting your shed to manufacture if you have your approvals in place or are building an exempt Farm building. (despite price rises , we do not recommend manufacture of your kit prior to obtaining your approvals)

Major manufacturers of Sheds and third party suppliers of components look to be on Christmas Shutdown from approx 22 Dec till the 13th of January. Remember , check with your local accredited “Shedafe” Shed supplier or “ASI Shed Group member” for more info about Christmas shutdowns, getting a quote or the Colorbond price rise.