colorbond from Bluescope Steel logo Bluescope Steel are refreshing the COLORBOND® range with some changes in colours. This is an exciting development in the steel building industry.  The main details of this change to the range include:

  • The Introduction of 6 new standard colours and the return of an old favourite. We are yet to receive samples of the new colours and will put out a new colour matrix as soon as we receive one.
  • The retirement of 5 current standard colours. We will list them down the page.

This means the COLORBOND® range will consist of consist of 22 standard colours, increased from the current 20.

The “refresh” is underway currently and as a result, your suppliers (Rollformers, manufacturers, Resellers) are actively managing their stocks of the old colours. The new colours will be officially released later in October 2013. That is what we are being told.

The new colour names are:

  • Basalt™
  • Cove™
  • Gully™
  • Mangrove™
  • Terrain™
  • Wallaby™
  • the return of Night Sky™

The retiring colours moving to the secondary offer are:

  • LOFT®

The retiring colours are gradually phased out from the various suppliers over the next month or two whilst coil supplies in the different branches last. We recommend checking as soon as possible if you are after materials in the retiring colours.

What does Secondary Offer mean?
The secondary colour range is essentially a suite of colours that BlueScope Steel makes available to rollformers at an extended lead time and cost. It is likely most roll formers will maintain some of the colours in their larger centres however this will basically be until They have run out of coil. The future availability once coils are no longer stocked will involve a minimum order quantity and extended lead time prior to an order for coil being placed.