Shearing Shed – Kyeamba

Found this great story on the ABC by reporter Tim Lee, about Photographer Andrew Chapman, who for years, has had a passion for shooting Shearing Sheds. A passion that will become a book.  Shearing Sheds of course are an Iconic Aussie building and one that is made famous through many a ballad or folktale. Corrugated iron and timber being the most common construction. I enjoyed this story on the ABC so we thought that it would be a good idea to place a link to it here so all you other passionate sheddies can check it out.

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buy woolsheds book andrew chapmanWoolsheds Book launched

You can buy it here.

The Australian woolshed is quintessential Australian architecture, steeped in our history and folklore. Blown by ferocious seasonal winds, bleached bare by hot summer sun, survivors of flood, pests and fire, these buildings are synonymous with the harshness of the surrounding landscape and a testament to farmers’ ingenuity, courage and resourcefulness.

But recent years have seen times a’changing. The national flock has more than halved from its high of 180 million and this, combined with new health and safety regulations, are closing many sheds. They are fast becoming a silent symbol of our past.

One of Australia’s finest photographers, Andrew Chapman, has embarked on a passionately ambitious project to record woolsheds in every state, capturing the grand as well as the everyday. This is an invaluable historical record of an Australian icon at the end of an era.